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Wave-based Game Mode

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Sorry if this has already been mentioned in the past, but what are your thoughts on this?


The campaigns are 10/10, but part of me just constantly wants to feel the rush of being in mid-encounter, with almost no downtime at all. Ergo, I think it would be absolutely incredible to have something wave-based. You choose an arena map, and just see how long you can survive waves of increasingly difficult enemy spawns. Starts you off relatively easy, maybe some fodder and an arachnotron, but then eventually you're facing things like buffed marauders or spirited archviles.


Hell, they could even make it with online multiplayer, like oldschool Nazi Zombies. Obviously you wouldn't need to have the gimmicky mechanics like "purchasing" weapons off walls, as you already have everything you need already to stay perpetually supplied, but in other regards, Nazi Zombies could serve as inspiration. I would love to do this with a buddy for hours.


Would anyone else like this?

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I really would thought they were going to implement something like this into the Ripatorium! That was the first thing I thought of when I first entered it and am genuinely surprised they haven’t done it yet!

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One idea i had for a horde mode was if it would make use of multiplayer assets, specially in 2016 where player model cosmetics and skins would be AI bots that would show up in rare times, alongside the enemies or something.

With the focus on arena combat, an horde/wave/round/etc mode feels like the most rational thing to do.

People even did a lot of that on SnapMap.

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