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The DWIronman League dies to: 2002: A Doom Odyssey: 10th Anniversary Edition Episode 3!

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Here is my Category 3 submission.


Dead on Map 02

Kills: 24/164

Time: 12:56




Alas, not much further than my blind run. At first, I was puzzled by the kill count, because I remembered killing more monsters, but then I realized that they were lost souls, which aren't counted by PrBoom+. Oh well. Nevertheless, I don't have much more to say about the episode than in my original post. In retrospect, it had its devious moments, but the early maps aren't overly aggressive. The situations they present to the player are manageable, and, particularly early, the health and ammo is plentiful enough that you don't feel strapped. I would call this a good choice for an Ironman selection, despite the surprise waiting in the third map.


Here is my Category 1 post.

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Torches are conspiring against me....EVERY SINGLE TIME, and helped to that fucking cybie!!!!!!!

Map 3 is really the grim reaper of the set. Category 2, because I played this set years ago. UV. It hurts that some torches can block the player and I had the plan to escape......... ;_;


DEMO: dwim_2002LD85.zip




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Wow I almost forgot to post here, so I died on map 3 where pretty much everyone died. Category 3 for map 1 and half of map 2 and category 2 for the rest.
video link

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2 hours ago, Suitepee said:

So is this how the Ironman League is going to end?


I hope not. DWIronman League deserves better.


Actually since Naza hasn't made the thread yet, I am very tempted to make an Ironman thread for December (if you guys are ok with that).


EDIT: Naza said on Discord earlier today that he would make the thread.

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After recording the performances of all the players of November's Ironman run, I have made the score board (scores rounded to nearest 10):


Bdubzzz        = 100000
ReaperAA      = 95830
dt_               = 91670
Vince Vega    = 87500
Beginner       = 83330
galileo31dos01 = 79170
NaZa            = 75000
mtthew         = 70830
Arbys550      = 66670
Leodoom      = 62500
Roofi            = 58330
Anima Zero   = 54170
RjY               = 50000
Fadri             = 45830
Pseudonaut   = 41670
Andromeda   = 37500
Jason A        = 33330
Seed            = 29170
NoisyVelvet   = 25000
Suitepee       = 20830
ragerat         = 16670
beast           = 12500
Pegleg          = 8330
Crusader No Regret = 4170

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Posted (edited)

Board updated. A slight difference between my board and Reaper's board of this month assembled in December is the inclusion of SSGmaster in the standard leaderboard. Reasoning is simple - category 3 is still a standard category.


With that, better late than never, I've finally updated my old threads. Big congratulations to @Bdubzzz for winning yet another challenge, and also a fair shout to @ReaperAA and @dt_ for a new set of impressive blind survivals.


It was fun revisiting these threads and a good reminder of how fun this was to run (and a bad reminder of how lazy I was). Quite sad I haven't played enough Doom WADs to get some consistency with set choices but it is bound to happen at some time. Even then I really enjoyed it and now I am looking forward to the 11 other picks that await us in 2022 after January had gotten out of the gates.


Final thing: here is the Official 2020 Leaderboard with BDUBZZZ crowned the 2020 Champion. Congratulations!! Mad props to the rest of the Top 5 as well, with aforementioned ReaperAA there is also @Roofi, @Beginner and @Arbys550 who all delivered some epic results and also surprise victories. Hopefully you enjoyed those 12 months of Ironman that seem like so long ago now.



Edited by NaZa

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