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[GZDoom][OTEX] First Contact 1.5 - a varied mapset (WIP)

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Completion status - 6 maps out of ??? (Work in progress, 2nd mapping attempt)

Freelook - yes

Jumping/crouching - yes

Compatibility - GZDoom





Here's my 2nd attempt (first being Devil's Hellfire which is kinda short and bad). I've spent quite a bit of time working on maps, even though you can notice that I pay more attention to difficulty and less to details in the latest maps.

The goal is the following: make a mapset which follows these rules:
- The maps look good.
- The maps are compatible with any gameplay mod.
- The maps are not too long not to become bored.
- The maps are varied themes but follow each other logically.

Currently there are 6 maps:
- Spaceport
- Tunnels
- Service station
- Military base
- Bunker
- Imps on a train




This time I've tried to go with a style closer to original techbase, with my own take on smaller details and scripting, as usual.
The map is better enjoyed with gameplay mods which alter the difficulty and pace, like Doom EXP, Brutal Doom, Death Foretold etc.


How to play
- Download and run the mods from the list.
- Start a new game and select "First contact" episode.


- OTEX texture pack: https://doom.ukiro.com/otex-downloads/ (Use the .WAD download option, not .PK3)
- Map: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6nh58nqxzvk2gr3/FirstContact1.5.pk3/file


* The map is compatible with any gameplay mod.
* The map requires OTEX resource pack as it depends on it (WAD version).


You can find videos of the alpha version of first three maps here:





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Just tried this. Overall it was a good ride, but I think the gameplay could use a little more work. For instance, I had little efforts obtaining keys on map04 and map05, as there were many spaces. The blue key of map05 in particular for example, it was really easy to get as the key is placed in the opposite of the door and only a chaingunner is guarding it.

This set needs more attention.

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I went hunting for topics with not many replies and I'm really glad I found this one! This is a nice little mini-episode so far, I like the semi episodic format with the locations spanning over multiple maps. For things to improve, the architecture is often a bit blocky but you're experimenting with that a bit more as the levels go on - and I agree with the comment about the keys above, you could just use a switch if the key and door are right next to each other (especially as you probably want to preserve the key slots if you're making large hubs). This definitely deserves some boosting to give it more attention :)





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Terrific demo, mate. Fun short levels, excellent texture work and the combat wasn't too shabby either with some fun encounters. Map layouts are a little flat and could use a bit more height variation, but the maps themselves are lovingly crafted with memorable stuff. The train sequence was pretty damn cool. I also really enjoyed the additions of conveyor belts and utilising jumping, crouching, swimming and zero gravity. It's something I'd really like to see more mappers take advantage of to create new dynamics for Doom maps. I also loved all the extra detailing you put into things like the spaceships, the airport-esque waiting area, trucks, bathrooms and toilets and beds. I love me some DoomCute and you delivered on that front a thousand fold. Overall a wonderful effort. I'm eager to see more mapping shenanigans from you, man and look forward to seeing this finished.



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