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mustafa saed

inserting md2 models

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okay i got some md2 models i made now
how do you insert custom md2 models into zdoomgl?
please help slayer! explain in detail!
and also how do you select diffrent
skin colors for the doom guy? there's
no option in zdoomgl to do this but
when you crack open the doomguy md2
you can see all of the color skins

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Read md2.txt to find out how to add custom md2s in ZDoomGL. Md2.txt should come with v0.66.2 (the latest does not have md2 models support yet).

The only way to change the skin colour of the doomguy md2 is to rename one of the skins to green.pcx. Player model skin colour changing might be an option in future ZDoomGL releases though.

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