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The Bug

Bike DooM (Drivable Bicycle)

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3 minutes ago, HitBoi64 said:

Can you make the pistol fire accuracy a little bit down? It's kinda bad.

Sure thing, i will just make it the regular pistol attack.

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Just now, HitBoi64 said:

Nah i don't want the regular pistol attack, i wan't something similar to the SSG. Otherwise keeping the old one is a better idea.

I will make more weapons besides the pistol :)

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28 minutes ago, Loud Silence said:

You could add custom boss too: School bus full of imps throwing fireballs through windows.

Cool idea, i am now making a city level, so this might be fitting.

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I am buisy today in online school, update is gonna come out somewhere around 4 or 3 o'clock (Helsinki time)

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What i am going to do : all of the original doom weapons available (maybe even a railgun?) on your bike, new city level, cool imp school bus boss fight.

edit : and way more other features that i am to lazy to list :)

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