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"Close Call," Far Cry-Inspired wad concept

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HEADS UP- This wad is currently just a concept. It's just a set of weapons and some modified AI, so the build you are downloading now is very early. I'm posting it here to help get some feedback on the basic stuff and also bounce some ideas with forum users.


Behold, what I call my "LaFoWadMo" project. Aka, Late-for-WAD-Month. I'm creating a wad that attempts to take rough inspiration from the gameplay and aesthetics of the Far Cry games. I felt it was fitting because I've come to have a new appreciation for the series recently, and Far Cry 2's map editor is just flat out the reason I am a level designer now. Unfortunately, I'm not amazing at using the DECORATE file yet. So this is going to be a bit of a process over the course of November to try and get everything polished. Features a set of new weapons that are intended to fit with Far Cry's gameplay loop, and also some very, VERY basic stealth system AI.



Built for GZDoom of course, jumping + crouching allowed.

Level does not currently have an "exit" condition, is just a combat testing ground.


Realm667 assets used:

-Action MachineGun (Modified)

-AngledPistol (Modified)


-Doom 3 SSG (Modified)

-M40A1 Sniper Rifle

-MachineGun Zombie

-Medipack (Not implemented yet)

-Necrovision MG40 (Modified)

-Portable Rejuvenation Unit (Not implemented yet)

-Pump Action Shotgun (Modified)


-Sniper Zombie (Modified)

-Vitality Serum (Not implemented yet)




Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yr5baq06kkeb1yy/close_call.wad?dl=0

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So progress has been a touch slow since the initial post, but things are starting to come together and I'm getting more of an idea as to what I'm doing with this mod.


Having said that, I want to do a quick poll on the name.

It occurs to me that "Close Call", while a nice pun, isn't terrifically indicative of what the mod actually is, so the alternative that I thought of was "Doomed Cry", which isn't nearly as clever but I imagine more people would know what it is.


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