Post feedback & bug reports here! This is introduction to the projects new gameplay features. This mod should have "something for everyone".    Main "selling" point of the mod is being able to watch and play beach soccer with demons!    Play some beach soccer!
  There is also dynamically breaking environment, player can climb to ledges and inventory items(optional). Goal: to keep player interested all the time. Many gameplay options on every major area. Fast paced combat with exploration. Trying to maximize interaction with the world and give the feeling it being alive.   Dynamically destroyable environment:    
  Nice looking environments including a construction site.
  -Two gameplay options.
     Puzzley way with dialogs and NPCs.
    or straightforward shoot everything on your way as what Doom is all about. (removes all above)
-Two monster tiers
    Play with custom monsters. There is 5 difficulty options varying from "walking simulator" to very hard.
    or play "Doom2 monsters only" with one difficulty being implemented like basic Ultra-violence. (mostly for gameplay mods)
Thoughts:   Installation. Get newest GZDoom:   Download zip v0.4 (19.11.2020 balancing, minor fixes):
Mirror       Unzip it and drop pk3's it to the GZDoom.exe or use you favourite mod-launcher. You should have Doom2.wad or Freedoom.wad in the game folder. Bind keys for inventory(use, drop,select), jumping, crouching and secondary fire. Bind key optionally for dropping weapons. Freelook intented, autoaim off. You should activate "alternate hud" from options before I figure out how to make my own hud.More pics.
Known bugs  
Why GZDoom or Doom anyway?
Resource pack is quite nice, I think. Could there be a community project based on this?
Credits: Lost civilization 1, Boom-compatible.