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Temple of Vanth (single map - first map for me)

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Name: Temple of Vanth

Map Format: UDMF

Ports Tested: GZDoom

IWAD: Doom 2,

Map(s): MAP01

Gameplay: (Single play/co-op, deathmatch, etc.)

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Multiplayer Placement: No

Build Time: About a week on evenings 

Requirements: (No Jumping /No crouching / freelook recommended,)


This is a single meduim size map with a temple Aesthetics.


Long time player, first time map maker.

I have gone back to playing classic doom, I played Doom 2 back in the 90's) for sometime now and and really enjoying custom maps, so i decided to try making them myself.


So this is the first map for me, well first maps that is playable and not jut testing stuff and useless garbage.


Hope you enjoy


Any feedback would be really appreciated.




temple-of-vanth-1 (1).png














Edited by Delisk

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Temple of Vanth


Ultra-Violence mode || GZDoom || Q_Charge



*Deaths: 0

*Saves: none


















To be your first map, it's really not bad, I liked it a lot, although it does not have textures that make it stand out, really the architecture used here is quite good, I liked the concept of giving it an elevator to go up to the top floor of the structures that were in the center and on the sides of the entire map, in addition to including an internal area completely bathed in blood, and another area that was with a little more open space, and that there was a platform in the center that contained the Red skull key, in addition to having a small lava pit around it, the concept is very interesting, and I really liked how all this was used in a single map that has open and closed spaces.


Now moving on to the difficulty, in part, the map is a bit complicated, since there are many enemies who must be killed but many of these enemies derive from being more resistant and with more vitality, as is the case of the Revenants, Mancubus, Hell Knights, and Barons of Hell, on the other hand, are weak and quick to assassinate enemies, such as Imps, Hitscanners and Pinkys (with the Chainsaw), besides, I realized that 2 were included pesky enemies, which are the Archvile and the Pain Elemental. Another thing that I realized is that there is almost no ammunition for the Chaingun, there is only more for the shotgun and the Cell weapon, a little more bullets for the Chaingun would not hurt please, the same could apply to the Rocket Launcher, but already finishing with me comment, I will say that I had a very good moment, I had a lot of fun, and I had a good experience with the map, although I was almost on the verge of dying at the beginning, anyway, very good job to be your first map, partner.

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Yup, nice for a first map, reasonnably detailed if a little "monolithic" in the architecture. I ended up running away from the pain elementals and beelining it for the exit, which was in fact quite tense; getting rid of that very pesky archvile while the painies and the back ambush were closing in on me was quite harrowing.  Once again, good job for a firsty.

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This is a pretty good first map.  I liked the classic architecture and the distant views of the outside areas.  The traps were fun and felt fair.  The combat is nice--you've got the basics down, I was just wishing some of the fights had a little more flair.


I enjoyed the gimmick with the floor elevator (it was easy to figure out and fun to use.)  Health and ammo amounts felt good.  I liked the fights in the dark central room of the first area the best.


I didn't figure out a good strategy for the last room.  I ended up rushing the archvile to kill it, then retreating to pick up more health.  I was actually surprised when I hit the exit switch--I wasn't sure what it did and still had a few enemies in the room.


I'd look into changing the music for your future maps since it's super easy to do.  Good stuff, though.  Definitely keep at it.

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This is a delicious first mapping effort. While the texturing is a little on the blander side which causes the map to be slightly irritating to navigate as you can get lost due to a lack of landmarks of unique areas, it's surprisingly intricate in its progression and the combat is pretty challenging, especially with the increase of Barons and the lack of stronger arsenal. It's pretty fun but a little forgettable. Regardless, it's an excellent first map and I'd like to see more. 



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Thanks a lot for the comments I really appreciate it.


One thing I now do plan to learn is how to add more texture from pack and my own.


I do plan to eventual make a short episode (something like 8 maps) which would include a upgraded version form this map.

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The playthrough was really fun to watch, really interesting to se how someone with no knowledge of the map navigate it. 


One thing I was wondering about, was if my secrets where to hard to find, I wanted to avid the "was that supposed to be a secret?" felling.


I will list them bellow



First one (the one you found : In the room with the yellow key, there is s skull switch in the darker side of the room, it lower 3 of the pilar giving you 2 backpack and a blue sphere. I was planing on most player to find this one


Second one : in the monster closet accessible via the teleports, one of them has a different texture (face) in the back of the teleport, it is a hidden door giving a blue armor. I was hoping for most player to find it.


Third one : this is can be triggered from 2 location, the top of the balcony or from the central with the red key. if you look through the windows there is a shotable skull switch, you can actually see it it the playthrough at 9:16, you where soo close to accidentally opening it when you where chainsawing the archvile. This one open the four pillars in the room with the red key, this one contain cell and health.


Fourth one: In the final room, all of the blood falls have the fire flicker effect, except for one, this is passable and hide the rocket launcher.



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8 hours ago, Delisk said:

Muchas gracias por los comentarios se lo agradezco mucho.


Una cosa que ahora planeo aprender es cómo agregar más textura del paquete y la mía.


Planeo hacer eventualmente un episodio corto (algo así como 8 mapas) que incluiría una versión mejorada de este mapa.


That sounds great dude!, and you're welcome.

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Thanks for sending me a note about this, glad my tutorial helped! Here's a playthrough:



This was really good for a beginner map, I loved how the big up/down platform changes the layout of the level. Something to maybe bear in mind when you have a map with a big landmark in the middle like this one is to help the player understand what side of it they're on at a glance - all the sides look basically the same just now so the player has to take some time repointing themselves. This could be done just by altering the square shape of the central building a bit, or applying some different-looking textures. But I really liked this one, it all worked great :)


And those secrets sound good, even if I found none of them - I'm annoyed because I even noticed that one of the teleporter nooks had a face on the back and I thought it looked like a secret, then forgot to check!

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