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Looking for a lost WAD

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A months ago, one user on youtube requested me a video of me playing a really old Doom wad called "WHISKEY.WAD"

This is what he said me about it:

"it was just a single map where you're on like a helicopter strip and zombiemen are coming at you then you storm the base. It was for Doom 1. It wasn't great but nobody has a video of it on YouTube." He claimed he had it some years ago."

"whiskey doesn't seem to be on ID Games anymore or at all and Google came up with 0, which stressed me out because I had it some years ago." Said me exactly.


Someone played something alike or have it? Thanks

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19 minutes ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

Have you tried asking here? :)





Thank you, I didn't knew that section existed!

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