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I don't know what to call this, it's just a collection of map terms and tricks and such.


Caco Cloud: A large group of cacodemons which look like a cloud, hence the name. Most used in difficult wads such as Hell Revealed, Scythe, Swim With the Whales and Sunlust.


Monster Closet: The oldest trick in Doom mapping. A group of demons in a small space which opens when something such as a walk-linedef or a switch, the space is usually small like a closet, hence the name. Popular with wads of all kind, especially wads known for difficulty.


Catwalk: A small bridge which usually has a chasm below it, it is a very controversial mapping trick, and was popularized by MAP24 of Doom 2, The Chasm.


Archvile Jump: A jump where the blast from an Archvile is used to propel the player even higher. Popular in highly difficult wads. There is a megawad known simply as Archvile Jump which focuses more on this mechanic.


I'll expand upon this list later, when I have more information.

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Rocket Jump: (More accurately named "Rocket Thrust", unless you're using a source port that allows mouse-look) A jump where you used the splash-blast of a rocket to propel you further than the usual DooM mechanics allow.

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Teleport landmines: A group of barrels placed in a teleporter that explode when the player teleports in.

Fake floating objects: A object on a raised sector with no linedef textures on it performing the object to float in a fake way.

Pistol-start: A trick where the player starts a new level with only a pistol and fifty bullets, can be activated in many ways.

Transparent door: Complex to explain but it's just a middle texture door :p

Suicide exit: (Follows pistol-start)
A trick were the exit is filled with a trap that kills the player and finishes the level, activates a pistol-start in the next level. Can be created in many ways.

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Slaughtermap: A challenging map that focuses on fighting large amounts of demons.


Archvile-Respawn Trick: A trick involving an archvile infinitely respawning an enemy, usually on a balcony. First seen in MAP01 of Plutonia.

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Sunlustian Island: A term I just made up, essentially a floating arena in an empty void with epic visuals, the name "Sunlustian Island" comes from the fact that Sunlust had some really great versions of these, like God Machine, or Maelstrom. However, these "islands" appear elsewhere, like in a few Hell maps from Valiant, in Ancient Aliens (floating arena), and in most Ribbiks wads besides Sunlust, especially Swim with the Whales. If there's a better name for these, then please tell me.


Voodoo Doll: A glitch where if there are more than one Player spawns, they will create Voodoo Dolls. They can be damaged, which damages the player and other Voodoo Dolls too, and can even zombify them, they can be used with Boom conveyor belts or Mikoportals and barrels to simulate code, and can create really cool lighting tricks. Certainly a professional trick for pro mappers.

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Jack in the Teleporter: You know that thing where you walk though a teleport linedef and suddenly you're face to face with a large/threatening monster, often with barely any ammo to take it down? That was you on the receiving end of a Jack-In-The-Teleporter.


Firing Squad: Mostly reserved for large patches of Chaingunners, whose natural habitats are within the heat-seeking missile fields of Plutonia, usually with an additional Archvile because everyone likes those!


Self-Referencing Sectors: Make a sector inside a sector (that's preferably inside yet another sector, mostly as a walkway), then, ensuring all linedefs in the innermost are all pointing outside, make the back/front sector index of all those linedefs the same number as the front/back index, and presto, vanilla-compatible deep water/glass floors!


-100 Points: The fate of many wads that choose to use a lot of Archviles. May or may not come from a Swedish livestreamer.


ZDoomism: WADs that require features introduced in ZDoom, or rely on a special mechanic ZDoom and it's ports do differently from other ports to beat. Might be negative in nature, I dunno.


Insta-Monsters: Using an embedded fake floor, you can turn the true height of said floor into lifts, and using a mechanic that allows lifts to raise instantly by "lowering" them into a height higher than the floor itself, you can do stuff like spring a Cyberdemon right in front of a player after he walks across a seemingly innocent (and invisible) linedef, preferably in front of a much-needed stimpack!

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