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Regeneration Packs

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There are many health items in Doom. But none of them can heal you over time. I know this has been done a lot of times, but this is RegenPacks.

 From best to worst:

The Small regeneration pack:

SRPKA0.png.d1804d75ea4e5e097174919e1d898036.png Time: One Minute|Health: 3 points per second.

The Regeneration Pack:

RGPKA0.png.06a7c086d9b74e62b7c2639a2a907d89.png Time: 2 Minutes|Health: 6 points per second.

The Regeneration sphere:

RGSRA0.png.ee93fc136683a8fd09dfdb678c5a9189.png Time: One Level|Health: 10 points per second.


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There should be poisonous monster attacks, damaging over time (diablo style) as opposite of regeneration items (just a thought)

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 Not sure I like how the regen packs look like medkits too much, but I'll definitely be using the regen sphere. 

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3 hours ago, Telemassacre said:

No, you have to put them in a wad that you are working on, and then place them somewhere.

But why just like that? It was possible to give a chance for minimod collectors to enjoy this. :)


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