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Help with story texts showing up?

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I am making a Doom wad, for the ultimate Doom mind you, and I use whackED4 to make a .DEH file to make custom names and story texts. I've made custom maps using doombuilder 2 for those curious, and with custom 8th maps where the Episode ends, the original story text shows up instead of the custom one I've made in whacked4. However I haven't made every map yet, and after playing E3M8 (still the original map) it DOES show the custom text. Why won't the custom texts show after the levels I made rather the original texts, and vica versa? What is going on with this? I don't wanna release my wad until I can have the custom texts actually show up with my custom maps. (yes I'm gonna make custom maps for ALL levels, but I haven't gotten there yet)

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What you’re doing with DEH sounds correct. Maybe post a WIP of your wad so people can see what’s wrong?

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Also, posting the DEH file might be instructive, as an error there is the most likely culprit. (Unless you're doing something silly like forgetting to actually run both your DEH and your WAD simultaneously while testing. Note that, by default, the Test Map option in Doom Builder 2 won't use your DEH file, so that may be the problem.)


15 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

You better make a MAPINFO lump instead of using DEH files for what are you looking for...


While which one is "better" is a matter of opinion, I will note that for a simple text replacement, MAPINFO is a bit more complicated, and in any case it's only supported by a few ports, whereas DEH works anywhere, so I'm not really sure what you're basing that on.

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