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Three Words to Sum Up The Ancient Gods DLC

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Firm but fair. 


Yep, another person's opinion. Like rectal sphincters, everyone has one and they all stink. But hear/smell me out. 


After reading all the other reviews and analysis about the DLC, I was turned off and largely decided to pass on it. All of the "git gud" and "Marauders up to 11" stuff didn't help. But I watched a little bit of a YouTube gameplay video and it looked sort of fun, so I rolled the dice and unlocked it. Turns out, it is actually pretty fun. You're fully maxed out, so if you utilize all the tools at your disposal, you won't drown, at least not for too long 


The Marauders didn't really trouble me too much, whether in tight quarters or in pairs. Yeah, I died a couple times in the prolonged battles, but I always eventually persevered and figured them out. The variety in them lends itself well to replayability, too. That said, I'm not too sure about the story and I didn't necessarily enjoy all the platforming, but I had those same criticisms for Eternal. 


tl;dr: you may find that TAG DLC isn't quite as bad (read: nasty) as they say, so look a little deeper and then revisit your stance. 

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4 hours ago, Martin-CAI said:

Suppository o' fun

Barbed wire suppository? 

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