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Source for Argent Energy: The Well or Nekravol

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Why did we have to close the Well (source for Argent) in Doom 2016, when there was already the citadel in Nekravol, which was also a source for Argent?


Why did closing the Well even stop the invasion of Mars?


Or was Nekravols citadel built after the events of Doom 2016? Maybe it was there before but not fully loaded, but after the closing of the Well hell and the Khan Maykr were forced to increase the capacity in Nekravol by invading Earth and gather more raw material?

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On 11/9/2020 at 11:54 AM, Hunting4r2d2 said:

The Well was being used to create a portal to Mars. Destroy the well, close the portal, end the invasion. 

Yes but DOOM heavily implies that the well is the source of all Argent Energy in hell, siphoned from the captured Wraiths.

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1 hour ago, thewormofautumn said:

Yeah, the fact that the Wraiths were these god-like beings that haven't been mentioned once in Eternal or TAG is disappointing.

The Wraiths are mentioned multiple times in the Sentinel Codex entries.


History of the Sentinels - Part I 

Translation from the 'Ligra Sultagenta' (Book of Kings) 

In the days before man first spoke, an immense shard of rock and metal was cast unto the world from the heavens. Thunder and cataclysm shook the land as the skies were torn asunder. The Cosmic Spear cleft a hole through our mortal lands, pole to pole, from the cold wastes of the Umbral Plains to the fetid swamps of Ironfang. The Womb of the World opened and the Elemental Wraiths, the Firstborn, spilled forth. They took to the skies, fierce in their emancipation. In their exultation, they brought vitality to the land, and all that felt their breath were awakened from eternal slumber. Fierce beasts and an unforgiving biosphere rose in the passing of their shadow as the Wraithcall echoed across Argent D'Nur.

And that’s just the beginning paragraph of the first entry. 

They are further referenced in Parts IX, XII, XIII, and XIV.

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While playing Hell on Earth again, I noticed the following dialogue:


Deag Ranak: "The sacrament of this world to the great Khan Maykr will be made, and energy will be restored once again..."

Deag Grav: "...as it is written, from the souls of the non-believers!"


Maybe the 1st line refers to the Well being closed at the end of Doom 2016 (because the energy flow has been stopped)? Considering Deag Ranak words during Doom Hunter Base ("Was it not the Slayer who brought the demons to us? The Khan Maykr has to thank you for the gift of Argent energy") the Doomslayer is not only be responsible for the deal between the Khan Maykr and Hell, but also for Hell on Earth.


The 2nd line may refer to the Khan Maykr saying (before Super Gore Nest) "Despite the loss of the Priests, Earth will fall and my people will survive. I will answer the human's prayers, reward those that believe."

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On 11/11/2020 at 4:20 AM, TheRedTide said:

Yes but DOOM heavily implies that the well is the source of all Argent Energy in hell, siphoned from the captured Wraiths.

Indeed the Wraith's energy is being used to power the portal, but Argent Energy is actually a mixture of both Wraith Energy and Hell Essence, mixed through Makyr Technology. It's possible that the Well was merely being used to power the Portal, and the Argent Energy that made it to Mars came from the Argent Fracture, which may be a different source of energy not the same as the Well. Then again, it may be a retcon, just like many aspects of the lore and story.  

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