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help i turned doom into colors

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also i am a robot because my hand gray

Blue Blood be lookin kinda fire tho.



I wanted to play Heretic so I loaded it up by double clicking on it but then I accidently loaded the whole wad into doom II.

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26 minutes ago, AtticTelephone said:

Excuse me what in God's name?

Typical result of rendering the graphics using the wrong PLAYPAL.

Essentially since Heretic was loaded like a PWAD it applied the Heretic palette over the Doom graphics.

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The others are correct; you have loaded an incorrect color palette. The Zandronum EXE is in a folder with doom2.wad or it in some way gives that WAD priority unless told otherwise. I have never used Zandronum so can't be sure. So you double click heretic.wad which loads as a PWAD while doom2.wad loads as an IWAD. The colour pallette lump is the only thing with the same name in doom2.wad as heretic.wad (that I can remember), thus shenanigans ensue and it ends up looking like Doomguy popped the wrong pills.

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39 minutes ago, croc_rock said:

I wonder what it would look like vice versa, Heretic with Doom's pallette?

and so i did.


You can barely see armor and health, but a green wand looks interesting.


The water looks like it's covered in leaves or blood or something


How a Quartz Flask looks (Inventory), how the shield looks, and that grey mass is a gargoyle i slapped around so hard they broke into two peices.


Also the dungeon blocks look like ass

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It's funny the wood texture looks mostly okay, except for these green lines and dark dots.

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