Hello folks! I'm proud to present Ar Luminae, a massive and vibrant UDMF map for Doom 2 made by myself and Kaito.    Originally part of the Mapwich 2 project, the map grew beyond its scope and was separated into a solo release with the blessing of the project leader. The majority of the mapping was done in the course of 3 months early this year, while additional mapping has taken place piecemeal during the last few months, mainly focusing on adding new areas, reworking existing ones and enhancing the overall experience.   The map uses a slightly modified version of the Supercharge gameplay mod by Tango, with some extra goodies provided by yours truly. Be sure to check the link and read about the mod if you aren't familiar with it. Debuting in this map is a previously unseen Supercharge weapon, new sprites and modifications for a few of the existing weapons and also two other juicy weapons that are (functionally) of my own design. There are a few new additions to the bestiary as well: a pink Cyberdemon with a twist and a more agile Cacodemon variant to ruin your day. Other mods NOT recommended.   >>> DOWNLOAD LINK TO THE FINAL VERSION <<<   Flavor text: From the ancient ruins of an alien civilization to a research outpost infested with a demonic presence, Ar Luminae is the last place in the galaxy you want to stay for a picnic. Too bad your job culling the hordes of hell provides you with no alternative, and ultimately there's no place quite like this lush and vibrant planet to do just that. Explore the foregone structures, expand your arsenal, exterminate the opposition and engage in a hunt to uncover the secrets of this lost world. Whatever malevolent and ethereal force is controlling these demonic beings, it must be stopped!
Technical stuff and requirements:
Difficulty and gameplay:   Additional screenshots:   Credits (full list in the CREDITS lump): Supercharge by Tango OTEX texture pack by ukiro Additional textures by skillsaw (Ancient Aliens) and Makkon (Makkon texture pack for Quake) Music by Jimmy, AD_79 and Koji Kondo (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). Special audio contribution by Simpletonium. Playtesting by Bdubzzz, RonnieJamesDiner, Bridgeburner, Terminus, Tango, Nevanos and the Mapwich 2 coop gang.   Any and all kind of feedback is welcome! The map itself is basically finished and no major changes will be made, only bugfixes and possibly Zandronum compatibility should I find a viable way to do that.
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