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PrBoom + : Mouse "Twitch" Issue

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    Heya, I'm new to posting here but figured it's the place to go for problems like these. So I excuse if this is sloppily put together or I've done anything incorrectly, but first, some background. I got into dooming and sourceports about a year ago. Gzdoom, crispy, eternity, you name it. At this point, I've even tried old ports in dosbox lol. 


     One of my more recent ventures was into Prboom/Glboom +. At first, I had difficulty getting it to run perfect (bad pc) but eventually got Open GL mode running smoothly. I'd say it plays as well as my favorite port, CrispyDoom. Hell, it even runs Nuts.wad great lol. However, a problem that still persists is the one slapped in the title of this post. Commonly, I'll feel the mouse twitch, or pull back against me. It's in no way game breaking, but small enough of an issue to be bothersome. I've attempted to see if this is an issue with the renderer or framerate, but neither seem to be the culprit. The most likely guess is in the mouse sensitivity, and I've fooled with it a lot. It's by default, a lot faster than a lot of sourceports I know of, but I can still have a lot of wiggle room to get it just right. The problem is that none of this took away the "twitch" as I'll call it. 


     This isn't any problem I've experienced with a sourceport, and for one so stable, it dumbfounds me. I'm not tech pro, but what I've tried is messing around in game attempting to set it off myself. It seems like it happens most often while moving forward plus strafing. I do a lot of strafe running, and I believe that's where I notice it most. I even went to see if it was a problem with my mouse or windows settings itself, but that doesn't seem to be it either.


     Sorry for the whole essay here to try and describe the issue, but if anyone sees this and knows their way around PrBoom, I'd greatly appreciate it. 

                                                                                                                                                     Peace out, keep doomin.

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33 minutes ago, Yukarin said:

I was having this problem with PrBoom+ as well. Updating to fixed it for me. 

Ah, thank you so much! I had tried to check for updates but I guess didn't see the test version. It seems to run perfectly and hey, maybe even become one of my main ways to play.

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