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[EPISODE 4 RELEASED!!!!] Doom 32x: Delta

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So yesterday I fiddled around with Doom 32x and decided to start a new project, a big but small one that should be finished in the next week or so. (Well, looks like I was wrong.)

Me and Alex (Who isnt on Doomworld) present to you, ladies and gentlemen...

Doom 32x: Delta

Normally I would have a trailer or something, but Movie Maker isn't working so here is just the random gameplay footage.

There is a trailer for Episode 1 now, and here it is in all its using-the-Doom-64-main-theme-glory.






-What will this hack be?

  • This hack will be porting the original textures and layout (As much as possible, some areas WILL have to be a bit touched up so that the 32x can handle it) to the 32x port, as was originally planned as shown in the September 6th and September 9th prototypes that drx found a couple of years ago. Except it will actually have a decent framerate, and more textures than in them. The only geometrical changes will be minor and will be made to prevent the 32x from throwing up an error screen on boot.

-What Episodes will it have?

  • It will have at least Episode 1 and (maybe) Episode 2 (I said maybe, I mean that if there's no space left after Episode 1, Episode 2 will be its standalone release)
  • Episode 3 is possible, but considering that the Episode 3 maps are big (Even the toned-down Jaguar version's Unholy Cathedral crashes the 32x without alterations) and that I don't want to make huge geometrical changes, its possible but I can't guarantee anything for Episode 3. If it is there, then it is going to get its own release due to the level limit.  Oh, and don't even think about Episode 4, I barely got it to work with the super-toned down geometry.

-Will there be the Cyberdemon/Spectre/Spider Mastermind demon?

  • While there is a DEHACKED tool for 32x Doom, I never managed to make anything work with it. Spectres would need edits to the rendering of the game, and I'm not even sure if the Cyberdemon's attack (CyberAttack) is in the code. The Spider Mastermind would be doable, but whats the point if we're not doing Inferno (at the moment) anyway?



While the information above isnt WRONG, I did change a couple of things.

  • The hack is still bringing PC maps back to 32x with all the textures and only fixing things so that it runs, but also so that it has a decent framerate! It's important!
  • The hack will have ALL 3 Episodes (I keep my stance on Episode 4) and they WILL have to be split into different files sadly.
  • There will not be Spider Masterminds, Spectres or Cyberdemons.


Anyway here's the download links.

Episode 1 - Knee-Deep in The Dead (E1M2 Freeze Fix): http://www.mediafire.com/file/utm9zsrsa13266a/Episode_1_E1M2_FIX.xdelta/file

Episode 2 - The Shores of Hell: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mkkjjege3294jap/Doom32xDelta_Episode2.zip/file

Episode 3 - Inferno (E3M8 Small Fix) : http://www.mediafire.com/file/pkzpi23lrdmsenj/Episode_3_E3M8_FIX.xdelta/file

Episode 4  - Thy Flesh Consumed 32x+: http://www.mediafire.com/file/aid7qce1es8d5pn/Episode_4.xdelta/file

Episode 5 - SI6IL 32x: Coming Soon

Bonus Parody Episode: Coming Soon

Episode 1, 2 and 3 Bundle (DOES NOT FEATURE PATCHES, DO NOT USE) - http://www.mediafire.com/file/poo66ifz4jba802/Doom+32x+Delta+Release+1.0.zip/file

RHDN Release (E1, E2 and E3, does not feature patches or Episode 4 yet, do not use): https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/5732/


Oh and for those that need instructions on how to patch, obtain a JU ROM of Doom 32x (I got mine on romhustler, but not sharing any piracy links, you can find it yourself) then using any xdelta patcher (You can find one on Google easily) patch the ROM with the uh...patch.



-Maps 09-15 (And 23) are all placeholders since there wouldnt be enough room for Episodes 2 and 3. These maps are no longer selectable.

-The main menu level select goes from 0 to 8. (See info below for MAP00)

-Episode 2 Bug: Due to the demo using the automap, if you start the game when the demo is in the automap, you won't be able to run, shoot or activate doors. Simply activate your minimap and deactivate it to fix this.

-Monster infighting is coming back.

-Oh yes, MAP00. Because I like making Doom maps and I wanted to include a bonus, every Level 0 will have a bonus map made by me that offer a bigger challenge than any maps in the Episode with rewards that then allow you to quickstart through said Episode.

  • Episode 1 MAP00: Hectic 32x. This Doom 64-inspired level features a lot of tricks and traps, with huge rewards and huge challenges. When getting out (If you get out that is) you will AT LEAST have a Shotgun and a Rocket Launcher. But if you solve all the secret puzzles, you could also get out with a Plasma Rifle and a Soulsphere. Happy hunting!
  • Episode 2 MAP00: The 32x Domain.  This Plutonia and Doom 2 inspired level features a lot of monster closets. It's a short map but tough (Also a bit laggy outside) and it will definitely pack a bigger punch than whatever Episode 1's secret map was. You can exit with a Rocket Launcher and a Soul Sphere. Cancelled due to me losing the map.
  • Episode 3 MAP00: Baphomet's Demesne. Port of John Romero's SI6IL E5M1. Straightforward.


Episode 2's got new baddies for you to fight, so I made a manual page about them. https://imgur.com/gallery/DUhaL2n


The Icon of Sin is making a return as Episode 3's ultimate and final challenge. Will you defeat him?


Well, have fun!


Doom 32x: Delta - Complete Edition

Well, considering we have finished Episode 1-3, its natural to want to port more, no? Well in this addendum, I will be revisiting my existing port of Episode 4 to bring it more on par with the quality of this ROM hack, and will be porting none other than SIGIL. (Do not worry, I have gotten approval from @Romero to do this) I will also be making a parody Episode to parody early FPS games and stupid stuff, as well as the homebrew GBC port. Once finished, I will either simply update the existing ROMhacking.net page to reflect on the changes or make a brand new addendum called Complete Edition.


Like this project? Consider mentioning it for the Cacowards!



Edited by Roebloz

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2 hours ago, ChopBlock223 said:

Will it feature fixed music?

It will not feature fixed music unfortunately.

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3 hours ago, Roebloz said:
  • The Spider Mastermind would be doable, but whats the point if we're not doing Inferno (at the moment) anyway?

Would be interesting just to take a look at him. I haven't found any videos of his live presents on 32X

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3 hours ago, betabox said:


Kind of got a chuckle out of this since it's been well over a decade since he released those prototypes.

Anyway, looking forward to this version of 32X Doom. The early classic console ports of Doom are always the ones I go back to, so this should be pretty nice to follow.

Thanks, Ill do my best.

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Continuing development, I finished E1M8 as well as started E1M9. I also fixed the rockets being shot backwards (Maybe they DID plan the Cyberdemon to be included considering its the only reason why rockets use their forward sprite even though YOU shoot them, or it is just an oversight. Long story short I fixed it.) Also I know the framerate will NOT be perfect despite my best attempts at making it better, but dont worry it wont be as bad as Doom 3DO. Some areas WILL be less tall or/and big (Such as the outside area of E1M8) but I will do my best for it to be identical or similar. https://imgur.com/gallery/rN2KU4O

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Interesting. Does it run smoothly on Genesis Plus GX with an overclock?


EDIT: Just noticed that emulator doesn't support 32X.

Edited by VGA

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3 hours ago, VGA said:

Interesting. Does it run smoothly on Genesis Plus GX with an overclock?

What even is that?

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Thanks to someone that wanted to start a similar project at the same time as me, he offered his help to me and now we have a slightly improved E1M1 theme, as well as red HUD text and a fixed music order! Thanks Alex. Also I have replaced the ROCKS texture with the FLOOR7_2 (I think thats the name?) marble texture, so now the HUD border is the same as in the original! This all coming together. And also, armor/health bonuses correctly only give one armor/health point as opposed to 2. https://imgur.com/a/FcsaUiO

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Finished E1M5, it was surprisingly easy to port. Also my partner Alex corrected the status bar face from flipping the hair when looking in different directions, and slightly improved E1M8s tune. Screenshots on imgur, gameplay coming soon again. https://imgur.com/gallery/LfA7mvc

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E1M6 is complete, but alas it had to suffer some surgery and ceiling lowering. (E1M6 was also the map that didn't work for the longest time in the prototypes, so be glad I didn't go the SNES port way of cutting it out, I've added two early Berserk packs as an apology of sorts)

Also Alex has now improved E1M1, E1M3 and E1M8's tunes. Oh, and here is some gameplay.


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Keep up the good work! People deserve to play this hack that sorta unfucks the 32X version :D

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E1M7 is not optimized yet, but the level itself is working rather smoothly aside from some rooms, have a look. https://imgur.com/gallery/CNSlzxR

Also I need to ask you guys what you would prefer: Episode 1 and 2 in a single patch, or Episode 1, 2 and 3 on different patches? (It would allow for the secret levels easily)

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Different patches, so the user keeps 3 hacked roms for the 3 episodes. Right?

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8 hours ago, VGA said:

Different patches, so the user keeps 3 hacked roms for the 3 episodes. Right?

Yeah makes sense. This will also allow me to make custom maps to replace E2M8 and E3M8 that will be able to use Tag 666 (E2M8 and E3M8 are just too open maps to work on 32x without huge walls everywhere, which isnt what I want.) I will probably edit the Jaguar replacement for E2M8 and E3M1 so that they can be E2M8 and E3M8 respectively.

Edited by Roebloz

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Some maps still need SOME improvements, but theyre pretty much finished otherwise. Oh, and my friend managed to import a custom Doom logo for the menu (Not the title screen) and also broke the palette as a result. Expect Episode 1 to be released soon.


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