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Samuel Slayer

Laser Trails with Sprites ZDOOM?


What would it take to create functional laser trails with sprites for a custom Doom weapon working from ZDOOM Decorate LUMP? I've seen some Doom64 total conversions do it for GZDoom. I'd like to know if there's any material on this. Rail attack method was nice but it draws a crappy debug line. I need it to be a sprite based, just like in Doom64. I think I need to create Actors with Laser Trails but I just don't know how without proper documentation to learn from.

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There was a Star Wars mod that used laser sprites for the stormtrooper rifle blasts. It was quite convincing. Let me see if I can dig up a link.

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IIRC @Major Cooke made a few weapon effects like this using "flatsprites" (sprites that have a fixed alignment in the world instead of facing the view).

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