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Hexen weapons in Heretic, with Faithless support

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I have a bunch of "weapons from game X in game Y" ZDoom mods I made in the past, that were done for personal use and with no real intent of releasing them. However after playing @Jimmy's Faithless I thought this one would fit pretty well, so I polished it off a bit and here it is. (I seriously love Faithless so much, what a fantastic set of maps.)



Only tested in GZDoom 4.5.0. Not compatible with Zandronum or ZDoom 2.8.1, but I could probably fix that if anyone wants it.


Replaces all Heretic weapons with ones from Hexen. Does not use Hexen's mana system; every weapon has its own ammo supply. Ammo pickups are recoloured ones from Heretic so you will more easily know which pickups go with which weapon. Mace, Axe, Sapphire Wand are all weaker than in Hexen.


Includes powered up versions of each weapon, for the Tome of Power, and replaces timebombs with poison flechettes (ArtiPoisonBomb if you want to bind them to a key). In Faithless, the Jade Wand is replaced with the Silver Wand (superpowered Elven Wand) but the other two new weapons are left as-is.


Known issues which I might try to fix sometime:



* Pain flash on tomed Arc of Death.
   This is because I use the Sigil codepointer and just compensate
   the health loss beforehand.


* Tomed Arc of Death won't unselect when you don't have enough ammo.

   Again because I use the sigil codepointer and just use a_takeinventory
   to remove the ammo. There's probably an easy fix for this.


* Arc of Death uses bare hands.


* Ghost monsters can be frozen with Frost Shards, but then the frozen corpse
   can't be shattered with the Mace/Axe.


* Balance hasn't been extensively tested, especially with tomed weapons.


* Harmless errors when starting GZDoom for medium ammo, when not playing Faithless.


* Silver Wand ammo always shows. I don't know how to fix this.


* Hammer of Retribution can't be used without ammo when Tomed.



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Nice mod! I'll use this when I play some of the newer Heretic maps (there have been some promising new releases).


Only weapon that doesn't feel right is that recolored Elven Wand that is basically a machinegun. Looks puny IMO. The other weapons/spells look good and are fun to use.


Thing with Hexen is, I only ever played the Cleric class, so I don't really know most of the weapons.

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39 minutes ago, Doomenator said:

It will be expedient to make dynamic lighting for all of this.

To be honest I didn't even think about dynamic lights since I don't usually use them. It's probably not too hard since I don't really have to make any new light definitions, so I'll try to get it done soon.

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