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No Chance

HMP-Max in 17:36.20


Worked on this one on and off for ~3 weeks. I want to improve this and do a UV-Max at some point in the future, but it was fun to finally get this down. It has some funny moments in it.


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Posted (edited)


Posting a Scythe speedrun this time. A UVmax run of Map 26, Fear, in 5 minutes and 37 seconds. Not even a month ago was unsure if I could even beat this map, but beat it and even went on to beat map 30 a few days later. Took a couple weeks break from Doom after that and wanted to unrusty myself and this seemed like the way to do it. Lots of time save to be had if I was bolder which at this moment I am not, but for where I'm at, very satisfied with this time. God I hope I did math right in checking the kill count at the end. Crispy doom does the whole x monsters+amount resurrected by archeviles thing so I had to do the math at the end on the automap.


File: sc26-537.zip

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