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I.H.N.I. Episode 1 - The Jittery Update v1.04

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1 hour ago, Not into omelettes. said:

Could you release a "weapons-only" version of this mod?



Probably after episode 2 - after im done with all the weapons.

I still have to make the plasma gun and the bfg.

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On 2/28/2022 at 2:18 PM, FR4M3 said:

Any plans for a GamePlay compatibilty patch/version of this mod?

Uuummmm… haven’t thought about it yet. 
I’ve got a lot to deal with ATM 

So work on features and stuff like that has been on hold. 

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On 3/3/2022 at 8:41 PM, Kraja said:

I’ve got a lot to deal with ATM 

No problems bud, If you could give me the permissions to then I can make one for us.

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On 11/18/2020 at 10:11 PM, Kraja said:



Alright - it's time to sort this mess out.




Hello! It's been a while. Hope you're all doing well.

I know it's been a long time since i posted anything - almost a year, in fact. Sorry about that - i was busy working on a chonky update for episode 1.

And it's here! It's out and... i hope it adresses most of the major complaints some of you had.

There's a lot of new stuff here (you can check out the full changelog down below), but to keep it short - here are some cliffnotes:


First of all - performance

I actually got some proper help from people who know what tf they're doing - Mechanical Sanity and Dox778.

They helped me with cleaning up this mess of a mod, sorting out the files and much, much more. Thanks guys! 👍

Thanks to their help this new version should run way smoother and load faster (although it takes a bit more space)


Second - guns

Looking at the feedback episode 1 got - weapons were one of the weakest aspects (if not the weakest).

So... i just said "screw it", scrapped all of them and remade them from scratch.

So that's 5 guns with all new sprites, sounds, effects and decorate code plus... one new secret weapon - which i won't spoil now 😉

They look better, sound better and feel way better - i tried to make them a bit more responsive and just... more fun to use.


Third - bugs, balance and other stuff

There was a lot of them. While i'm pretty sure i didn't get all of them, i tried to fix as much as i could.

On top of that there's a lot of smaller quality of life improvements in this update.

A cleaner main menu, better monster and ammo placement, some new details and a little script that detects your settings which - hopefully - will help with guiding the player towards proper gzdoom settings for optimal experience.


And last but not least - a new map

All of this wasn't the only thing i was also working on. I'm also hard at work on episode 2.
And while EP2 still isn't fully finished, i decided to throw in one of its maps into this update as a sort of apology for taking so long.

You can find it hidden under "extras" in main menu. It takes about an hour to beat and... well - i hope you like it 👍

(On top of that - there's another map i was tinkering with lately - a boom format map which i will post in a separate thread in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!)



GZDoom 4.5 or higher required. Default GZDoom compatibility settings. Crouching and jumping are disabled. I recommend turning autoaim off.

This mod could be a bit taxing on lower-end systems. Make sure you visit the "mod settings" tab in the main menu before playing.







  Reveal hidden contents




  Reveal hidden contents

Hello everyone! First time posting here.


Ok, where do I even start with this thing...

Three years ago I released a simple mapset with the same name on the zdoom forum. I was fairly new to mapping back then and the whole thing... didn't turn out all that well. It was buggy, boring, unbalanced an barely anyone played it. But those who did gave me some great feedback on the whole thing. After that i went back into hiding, spent about a year learning UDMF and improving my barely-existing mapping skills, and in late 2018 decided to give those old ideas another shot - this time around realizing them exactly how i envisioned them back when i first started. And here we are now - two years later, i'd say the first episode is pretty much done.


"So what is this weirdly named thing even all about?" - i hear you ask. Well...

  Reveal hidden contents

I.H.N.I. is a 3 maps long mapset that's making some heavy use of GZDoom-specific features. Scripting, dynamic lighting, voxels, models - you name it.

My focus was on making those maps feel like real places, telling it's own simple story (maybe even hinting at something bigger in the future episodes i dunno) while avoiding the usual traps of gzdoom-heavy mapsets. There's a lot of custom stuff here, but i tried for it to not get in the way of your usual demon slaying.


"And the story?" - it's just some fanfic-tier plot that takes place mere months after doom2. Here's a little synopsis:

  Reveal hidden contents

After barely surviving the demonic invasion on earth, UAC was forced to cease all immoral experiments and greatly reduce their scope of operations.

During that incident some of the scientists took note of demons ability to seemingly come back from the dead after being killed countless times.

One of them became obsessed with that phenomenon, and soon after started researching it knowing that if such an event were to occur once again...

we would not stand a chance...

Of course, studying the forbidden knowledge led to predictable consequences - the demonic forces are back once again, set on wiping all of humanity for good.

You know it won't end well. It simply can't. And so - you arrive at the UAC headquarters on earth, and begin your search for the person responsible for this.

Maybe it's not too late to stop him.


"What can i expect to see in this .wad and why is the filesize so big?" - well... We've got:

  Reveal hidden contents
  • 5 custom weapons made from scratch with some minor mechanical tweaks (based on guns from some other games)
  • Lots of new textures
  • About 10 new music tracks, cut into a lot of small chunks (verses and choruses that change depending on a lot of factors)
  • A lot of new sound effects - mostly from freesound.org
  • A new HUD and weapon crosshairs
  • No new monsters (although some demons in some parts might have slightly tweaked properties)
  • Maybe a little surprise at the end i dunno
  • And some other minor things like new sprites, additional particle effects, slightly changed menu and so on.

Of course - detailed credits about all things i used and who made them are included - right in the main menu.


"How long and how hard is this thing?" - don't get your hopes up, this one's neither long nor hard.

  Reveal hidden contents

It takes about 2 hours to beat on your first time on UV.

In terms of difficulty... It's hard for me to judge. All i can say is that HNTR, HMP and UV are accounted for, with different item and monster counts. Pistol starts are possible, although i recommend playing it continuously.

That said - there's a handfull of cheeky secrets and some easter eggs to hunt for - which might keep you busy for longer.



  Reveal hidden contents











  Reveal hidden contents

VER. 1.04:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing jerky camera movement during certain weapon animations
  • Fixed some missing lighting effects
  • Adjusted music volume in some parts
  • Thinned out that pile of demons on map03
  • Added more rockets
  • Fixed bullet tracers
  • Tweaked some guns (they might still clip a bit on some displays)



VER. 1.03:

  • added a weapon screen shake and recoil toggle
  • removed unused script trigger line from map02
  • had a beer
  • replaced the credits sequence music
  • updated credits


VER. 1.02:

  • fixed issues with low performance when loading models and certain sound effects
  • completely changed .pk3 structure which should hopefully make load times faster and future work easier
  • improved performance on all maps via scripting (and visual downgrades in some points - oh well)
  • additional monster and item placement balance
  • completely reworked weapon sprites, animations, sounds, DECORATE code
  • fixed numerous audio bugs
  • fixed some collision issues
  • added brightmaps
  • improved lighting in some places, added details
  • tweaked the last bossfight a bit
  • added a warning message to titlemap that detects if you have correct GZDoom settings turned on
  • improved weapon bob
  • fixed weapon clipping
  • fixed a bug that made the camera on titlemap stuck
  • fixed typos in the ending cutscene
  • fixed issues with menu scaling
  • moved credits, help, patchnotes and other stuff to a new menu tab called "extras"
  • and as a little gift for taking so long - added MAP04
    (currently available only through console commands since episode 2 is still not fully finished)
  • added a new weapon - the sledgehammer - available only on MAP04




VER. 1.01:

  • Added elbows - doomguy is no longer rayman's long lost cousin
  • added more ammo to map02
  • tweaked the blue room ambush on map03 - facesitting loving demons should no longer try to sit on other demons
  • tweaked some weapons to be a bit more responsive
  • changed the Rocket Launcher's crosshair to be less intrusive
  • fixed the elevator in map03's tower
  • fixed missing textures and some janky trigger lines in the same place
  • improved the SSG reload animation just a tiny bit (i'm still garbo at making weapon sprites)
  • fixed a bug causing the cybie to phase between dimensions after killing the player
  • fixed some of console errors (but not all of them)
  • fixed a bug preventing easier versions of the cyberdemon from spawning on lower difficulties
  • fixed some janky linedefs in Site Theta's waterpark funslide
  • and moved the blue keycard just a bit to make it easier to spot


And that's it, i suppose.

Have fun!


Also - special thanks to TerminusEst13 for even getting me into modding all the way back in 2016, JohnSuitepee, Nevanos, KrazyCommando, Arcterezion, Mechanical Sanity, 

Dox778 and many, many others for giving me feedback and helping me along the way. You guys are awesome!

Dude can you make a "Weapons Only" mod of I.H.N.I ???

I really need this.

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While I'm not particularly fond of the way things constantly pop into path, both conveniently and inconveniently, the mod is both fun and beautiful. Played through the first episode and looking forward to the second one. Didn't try the preview.


The HUD and Automap text don't scale proportionally to each other. On uiscale=4 HUD appears too big and Automap text too small. For darker mods like this one I usually use Flashlight mod, but it wasn't usable as FPS would drop drastically even though I'm playing on GTX 3700M.


The cook didn't feel like kissing. :D

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On 11/18/2020 at 12:41 PM, Kraja said:



This was absolutely incredible. Easily the best few maps I've played in a long time. I'm really excited about the future maps! How is the progress coming along? 

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4 hours ago, WiredNet said:


How is the progress coming along? 

s l o w l y

You know - life happened.

But - i'm still tinkering with it, getting stuff done.

That said - don't expect episode 2 to release anytime this year.

Instead of that i'm gonna post a single two hours long chonkster of a boom map - probably next month.

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On 9/19/2022 at 3:00 PM, Kraja said:

s l o w l y

Lol fair enough man, I get it. Do what you gotta do! I (and others, surely) will simply be glad to play what you've made whenever you can get around to building and releasing it. 

That big map sounds like a good time! I'll be keeping an eye out for that, too. 

Take care man, and thank you for your work. 

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Played through last night, absolutely fantastic modern maps, looks beautiful, nice flow, well placed secrets and I loved the corpses coming to life. Much more atmospheric than just teleporting in. Weapons are great fun to use too, but judging from all the "weapons only" requests your getting you already know that. I love weapons mods but always feel their best used in maps built around them as you have. Definitely up for playing anything else you make, I'll keep a good look out for your chonkster whenever it's done.

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On 9/19/2022 at 3:00 PM, Kraja said:

I'm gonna post a single two hours long chonkster of a boom map - probably next month.

No pressure, but I'm really looking forward to this map whenever you're ready to share it! 

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Smol update


All work on I.H.N.I. and Automata Infernalis (that other boom map i hinted at earlier) has been put on hold for a while.

My laptops GPU just fucking exploded about a week ago and i ain't gonna do much work on a shitty 7 years old, coffee -drenched, integrated intel chipset.

I'm in the process of hunting for a new PC right now. Not gonna get memed into buying a "gaming laptop" ever again.

Sorry guys.



Automata is basically finished on UV - i could just post it and leave balancing for other diffs for later 🤔


tbd on that

no more fucking laptops.gif

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Best of luck on your hunt! Really looking forward to what you have in store for us in E2 :)

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Hi Kraya first of all thanks for your mod I.H.N.I Doom. Really successful interpretation of a real classic. I have a question. Is there anywhere I can get the soundtrack for the maps? I find the pieces of music just so great to listen to, which is why I would like to hear them alongside the game. Is there a possibility. Best regards John

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On 1/7/2023 at 4:16 PM, John Dark said:

Hi Kraya first of all thanks for your mod I.H.N.I Doom. Really successful interpretation of a real classic. I have a question. Is there anywhere I can get the soundtrack for the maps? I find the pieces of music just so great to listen to, which is why I would like to hear them alongside the game. Is there a possibility. Best regards John

All song credits and their surces are listed in the game. 
Look for "Credits" in the main menu, or just check out the credits sequence at the end. 


Cheers mate🍺

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Hello, good sir; if you plan to release a weapon-only mod; please also consider to release a map-only version without weapons.

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Why do the lights turn off in the 2nd Map, I can't see anything and Flashlight Mods or Night Vision will not work, is that suppose to happen?

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On 4/11/2023 at 12:40 AM, Cyclone-Sama said:

Why do the lights turn off in the 2nd Map, I can't see anything and Flashlight Mods or Night Vision will not work, is that suppose to happen?

Not really, no. 

That's a weird bug - i've never seen anyone having that issue. 

Could you elaborate a bit more? 

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On 4/14/2023 at 9:38 PM, Kraja said:

Not really, no. 

That's a weird bug - i've never seen anyone having that issue. 

Could you elaborate a bit more? 

Really? Because it even makes the turn off sound like someone cut the power, I thought that was meant to happen from the sound

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