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Heretic Episode Wads

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Don't know where to open this, but since this is not Doom related, i put it here.


Well, i had been looking for Heretic wads that are episode long or multi-episode, specially those compatible with Crispy/Russian Heretic.
I found just a few and i would like to make a list of them for future searches:

-A Dark Day In Hell (Episode 1 replacement)
-Carnage Galore ver 3.0 (Episode 2 Replacement)
-Curse of D'Sparil (Episode 3 replacement)

-HERETRIX - 8 different Levels for HERETIC Ep #3 (E3M1-E3M7, E3M9)

-Heretic Upstartin Map Project Mini ''HUMP Mini'' (E1, E2M1, E2M9, E2M5-E2M8 replacement)

-HYMN: A Heretic Community Project (E1 Replacement)

-Ichor: Blood of the Gods - Carnage Galore II (E2 Replacement)

-Incubus: The Dark Day in hell Sequel (E2 Replacement)

-The Master's Domain - For Heretic (E1 Replacement)

-Nightmare Isle (E3 Replacement)

-SINFUL DISCHARGE (E3 Replacement)

-Shadowcaster (Episode 5 replacement) SIDE NOTE; Somebody know why chocolate/crispy/Russian had an error while parsing the hhe file?

-Heretic: Treasure Chest (Episode 1-3 replacement)

-Unbeliever (Episode 1-3 replacement)

-¡YoU Will DiE!, you should run like hell to survive... (E1 Replacement)

This are all i found, mostly tested on Russian Heretic.
If anyone know more, please post a link and i will gladly add it to the list.

Hope you enjoy this as much as i am enjoying them ;)

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Here's an oddball:

Requires Zandronum/LZDoom/GZDoom, due to use of UDMF and 3D sector transfers.

QuikHt1a.wad - replacement episode 1 composed of maps converted from EntryHangar Plus.   Some of it done with dm2conv and then fixed up and further edited and some done without dm2conv.   Not all original maps and none originally made for Heretic, though one was originally made for Strife, converted to Doom & expanded, and then converted to Heretic.   Features Heretical Stereo Systems in some maps.

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QFTC acts as a hub but you don't actually need to revisit any of the completed levels (except of course the celestial hub itself, but it's a level select place more than a level in itself), as long as you found the skull in it.

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Played this forgotten WAD I found from some Dutch website in 2006 or 2007 that replaced E1M1-E1M6. Each map had a distinctive theme that resembled E1 maps of the IWAD and they were complex to the point that I had to cheat my way out to the next map. The first map started on docks with damaging water and ended on a castle. One of the secrets had a Morph Ovum on bird's nest. The second map took place on a keep where the player goes through apartments inhabited by golems. The third map was a ship which used the teleporter stairs -trick to simulate multiple floors similar to Black Tower from Doom2's Master Levels. The fifth map was based on a cathedral's floor plan. Can't remember what rest of the maps looked like and whether the WAD runs on vanilla or limit-removing ports. I can tell it's not GULAG.WAD despite the similarly themed maps.

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Great topic. I was having a hard time finding good wads for Heretic. The only one I knew before was Heretic Unabridged.

Thanks a lot for this list. And do you, by any chance, know of some good ones for Hexen?

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Posted (edited)

1) Quest for the Crystal skull is a good wad. But... I didn't enjoy at all the secret level and the level with all the different puzzles.

2) Another wad worth looking at is: 

3) Try Wayfarer: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=63799

Also, there are some more mods mentioned here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=64374
I didn't enjoy some of these, so it's up to you.

I tried:
A Dark Day in Hell - didn't enjoy it. Got stuck even on first level, given that you're supposed to find the secrets, otherwise you can't progress. 
Carnage Galore - didn't enjoy it. Stopped at the second map, at the corridor section. Basically I had to open 20 (?) open in a straight corridors, sometimes containing monsters. Not funny. Confusing layout too.

Didn't enjoy QuikHt1a.wad - mentioned by Okuma. 

I also know to have played this one in the past: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=32714 but I don't remember if I was satisfied by it or not. Edit: Well tried it, didn't enjoy it.

Edited by Mangudai

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Why not move the topic to the Wads & Mods forum? Other Heretic and Hexen projects get talked about there already.

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