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Italian travesti

Hell City Remastered (V.1.1)

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 Hello there, and happy almost new year.
 I've been working in this map for a while, it started as a remake of a map called Hell_City_v2.wad but at the end it became pretty much his own thing, it's heavily inspired by Doom 4 and Eternal in his gameplay so feel free to use as much mods as you want or go full vanilla through it.



Kronos, a powerful demon with the ability to absorb any kind of power for him has taken over an argent energy extractor to become even stronger by absorving this type of energy, but the Slayer has come to set an end to his plans.


This map features 2 new enemies: Dark Inquisitors (Some colour edit done by me) and Kronos itself (A entire new sprite set done by me, the Doom RPG one is really ugly).

Custom Midi's, mainly power Metal by Stratovarius or Rhapsody.

It uses Ukiro's OTEX texture pack.


(Be sure to use latest GZDoom version)




Feel free to let me know your opinions on the map and help me if you find any bugs. C:








As i said before, this is intended to be more of a newer Doom game kind of map, so here's a little list of mods that are compatible with it:



-Embers Of Armaggedon (Works perfectly even with the Eternal addon, but the monsters pack ruins the lava area fight since there are death actions attached to the mancubus and this seems to change the monster type)

-Project Malice (100% compatible)

-Death Foretold (100% compatible, i guess that makes the future KET compatible? :9)

-Serious Doom (100% compatible)

-Xenoxol's Army of Darkness & AOD Simple gun mod (100% compatible and groovy!)

-Brutal Doom (i dunno%, didn't try it, lol)

-Doom64Vanilla (Works fine, makes the archvile fight harder tho, lol)



Version 1.1:

-Fixed the softlock in the yellow area when picking the key and coming back, i think it actually makes it more compatible with Brutal Doom, lmfao.

-Fixed the weird errors in the teleporter at Kronos Throne room.

-Made the teleport ¨trail¨ at Kronos castle entrance Non-solid, to avoid missile auto-damage by accident.

-Added a little easter egg. ;)


Edited by Italian travesti : Update.

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