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Alternate high-res folder... and a bit more

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Regarding ZDoomGL 0.7
It would be cool if there were a way to point the engine to a alternate high-res textures folder.
So you only had to pace your high-res texture one place for all the doom ports.

... I still can't get the engine to remember my adjusted fov setting, so I have to adjust fov everytime I run the game, oh well...

Am I the only one who needs to correct the game for fullscreen everytime I run the game.

The fog effect is great - I am surely looking forward to the next update.


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Hmm, I suppose I could add another directory called "root" or "generic" or something for the hires textures that it would fall back to if it couldn't find a texture in the game-specific directory...

Not sure about the rest of those things. I'll look at them, though.

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