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Vanth Complex / Single map

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Name: Vanth complex

Map Format: UDMF

Ports Tested: GZDoom

IWAD: Doom 2,

Map(s): MAP01

Gameplay: (Single play)

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Multiplayer Placement: No

Build Time: About a week on evenings 

Requirements: (No Jumping /No crouching / freelook recommended,)


This is a short map intended to be first map in a short episode (5 or 6 maps) I'm working on, as such weapons selection and enemy roster will be limited since I do plan on having a pacing in the final episode. I'm mostly looking on feedback, this is my second map I released.


I'm thinking on taking about 1 week and half to 2 weeks per maps and a final 2 weeks of adjustments once all the maps are done.  My first map, Temple of Vanth, will be part of the episode.


Note Vanth refer to this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanth  and also this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanth


I would like to thanks RonnieJamesDiner For his excellent tutorial (Global Light Color [Sector Editing] - One of UDMF's most under-appreciated features, this really help me on this map.



Vanth Complex entrance.png



Edited by Delisk

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Thanks for the game play video. I think I could place an health pack right after the red door.


Looking at the video I could tell from which teleporter those monsters where supposed to come from, then looking at the editor I notice the destination was slightly off form where i planed it (must have move it by accident). Funny thing is I retested the same spawn 3 times in  a row with-out the fix and they still came out of it 2 out of 3 time. I did some testing after the fix and re uploaded the map. Hopefully this was the problem, I hate fixing inconsistent bugs you are never sure if you fixed the problem or if you are just lucky.

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It's a lot shorter and flatter than your last map I played, but it's also pretty solid and I understand the thinking behind it. I think it could stand to be a little longer, maybe an extra sector or two. Combat is a little bog-standard, but certainly not awful by any means. I really liked the colourful lighting and texture work. Not sure what else I can say on it, so hopefully my footage will help in some regard as well.



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Vanth Complex


Ultra-Violence || GZDoom || A_weapons



*Deaths: 0

*Saves: none










A very interesting map, with a somewhat simple structure, but with really great details, among which I can mention, the main one would be the fact of making the rooms a solid color, such as the green area when getting the shotgun , or where would the red zone almost at the end of the level, all this really looks very good, added to the fact that the map is linear, and you don't get lost between your steps, because the map is direct in what you want, we have a result very good experience not at all boring, although a bit short than expected, which leaves you that feeling of wanting a little more of it, but in a way what has been achieved was good at the moment, which is extremely satisfactory for me.


Regarding the difficulty, most of the enemies were based more on being Hitscanners or Imps that came to a greater extent, and that the rest were from another class of enemies, which would only be only 2, the Pinky and the Hell Knight, but Even so, with the Hitscanners part, it really shows that there is a challenge, trying to avoid being hit by any of these bastards' bullets, but anyway I had a great time playing the Wad, and I had a lot of fun which is the most important, and indeed, as Clippy said, 2 enemies are missing to do 100% kills, it was still a good job, mate.

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