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Looking for someone to finish a realistic city wad

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I started this WAD a few months ago, but since then life has gotten busier and I have not had the time to pick it back up again.


This is the start of a realistic city map that uses 3D floors and the Kingpin texture pack found on Realm667. I did not import the textures in the WAD in case anyone wants to use a different texture pack. My goal was to create several branching paths, each with a point of no return, which would make the player choose which path they wanted to take and would encourage multiple playthroughs.


Anyone is allowed to use this map to build upon what I have started and I would love to see someone turn this into a finished map. Please message me through Doomworld if you have any questions.




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Personally, I have not so much as attempted to make a map for DOOM. I am just a lowly forum leech who plays everyone else's hard work, but the idea of multiple paths resulting in multiple playthroughs sounds intriguing. Hopefully someone here can help you out. Cheers.

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