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Mr. Freeze

The New Doomworld Pet Thread

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Not one of my cats, but one I have been concerned about the last day. When I was out walking, I saw posters up about this lost kitten. I was going to go looking early this morning, but then saw that Wanda has been reunited and is safe. So not everything in 2020 ends badly.

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21 minutes ago, Gez said:

My cat squad loves to follow me on walks through the nearby woods.



Those cats are on an absolute mission. If you told me they had had a 30 minute meeting and come up with a detailed plan to go somewhere and do something with military precision, I would believe you completely.


Now not that I am complaining cause cats are cool - but am I the only Doomworld member with dogs?

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2 hours ago, Gez said:

My cat squad loves to follow me on walks through the nearby woods.

That's awesome! Growing up I had a very adventurous cat who would follow me when I went into the ravine behind my house. My current cat is a big wuss who doesn't leave the yard, and will flee at the sight of a person she doesn't know or a sound she doesn't recognize. Better for the wildlife that way though.

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I already posted some pics of my cat Luna in strange places on the other thread, he'd follow me everywhere. I no longer have him, as I was only a kinda temporary custodian until a good home for him could be found - took longer than anyone expected. So he's not with me any more, but he is happy where he is :)


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I think to have already posted a picture of my pet on the old thread, anyway:



(Spoiler picture because it was too big!)

Here's my dog, Gioia! She is a 2 and half year old long fur chihuahua. I made this photo after a bath 2 weeks ago.

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I absolutely adore cats


we have a grey tabby called maggie and an orange tabby called rapunsel (yes with an s)


and they are both just so cute and amazing


I will post some pics of them


I truly think god made cats as a gift to us humans

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