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  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Merry Christmas everyone! Ho ho ho!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  Snow is falling, reindeer are flying, arch-viles are doing that bubbly gurgle noise thing they do, and the fourth installment of the Pineapple Under the Sea Monthly Speedmapping Series has left a very nice gift under a tree near you! 15 uniquely wrapped 10 sectored gifts are here and waiting for you to rip and tear open this Doommas! Unfortunately for you, there are also 75 arch-viles under the tree. Guess you shouldn't have been such a naughty kid this year, huh.

WAD File: 12 Days of Doommas - Version 2 Port: Boom Compatible Mapinfo lumps have been included for Zdoom based ports.        - Jumping/Crouching Disabled        - Freelook Optional        - Pistol Start enforced. IWAD: DOOM2 - Map01-15 Resources: Compiled in wad file. Credits attached. Comments: Mapset created as part of a monthly speedmapping series. Maps are ordered in chronology of submission. Rules/gimmicks mappers followed are in the original post (SEE BELOW). For boom ports, idclev pistol starts are greatly encouraged.   Change Log: 
@Dragonfly kicks off our festivities with a hot start in the cool cool snow capped mountains of Christmas hell. Yup, demons celebrate Christmas too. Get used to it.

I imagine you’ve got a question ruminating, “where do all the gift wrapped soulspheres come from?” @Danlex has the answer you’re looking for! With Santa Inc. Headquarters, you’ll stop wondering about the strange nature of this Holiday Hell and start wondering, “who cut the cheese?”   Map03: A PUTS Speedmapping veteran, @DynamiteKaitorn claims his subsequent MAP03 to give you three things: a blissful romp through snowedin brick halls, an explosive finale, and two keys that don’t do anything. I guess that makes for four things, really.   Map04:
@Telemassacre gives us a cool, cool, little map here. Short and sweet, tears of joy will stream down your face as nostalgic memories of destroying the lives of penguins return to you. “You’re the world champion sledder, you know. Whaddya say? How about a race?”   Map05: The Korvatunturi must die. Or so says @muumi, who puts the massacre in Christmas. What you’ll do to these gnome folk will surely be worse than what happened to Officer Nordberg. That is, if you’re not a pacifist. You’re not, are you?   Map06:
If you’re looking for a fight, @TOVA is going to give you one.  Not the BFG though; you’ll have to earn that. I died 100 times playing this map. No really. Watch the video.
Map07: Another returning PUTS mapper, @Pierrot tells a tale of cold revenge with the nuance and subtlety of Tchaikovsky as you hunt down the evil Former Santas that have stolen your gifts! Also like Tchaikovsky, this map is a blast.
@Death Bear gives a 10 sector salute to the map that everyone has started and immediately quit: Underhalls! All of the Map02 hallmarks are there; the sewer gameplay, the keyed off shotgun guarded buttons, and of course, the 4 Cyberdemons. Don’t forget your boughs of holly.
Debuting mapper @Peccatum Mihzamiz releases his first map within this mapset. Standing boldly among the rest of the crowd, Peccatum crafted a homely little village for you to slaughter the population of. Playing this you’ll be sure to have a merry Doommas.
Years of Doommas rage have boiled over in @TrialD's heart. He asked Santa for a gauss cannon, but got a ballista instead! Screw milk and cookies! Ol’ Saint Nick is getting a knuckle sandwich this year.
Get your shoes and socks on people! @MAN_WITH_GUN has returned! He opened up Boss Battle Bonanza with a darkness that had no end. This map of his has cruelty in the title. You might wanna roll your sleeves up for this one.
Wrapping up our festive cheer, @Weird Sandwich returns to the PUTS to remind us what Doommas is all about: giving. You’re sure to give these demons hell as you climb this captivating conifer. Atop this tree is the greatest gift of all: a computer map. Wow! Thaaaanks!
Oh wait? What’s that? There are three more gifts under the tree folks! That’s right, @BluePineapple72 has returned to obliterate any positive feelings Weird Sandwich may have instilled within your cold and aching heart, as he and his quartet of cyberdemons turn grammy to mist and dump a lump of coal in your stocking to remind you what Doommas is really all about. While speaking in third person no less!
Map14: This is where all of the really naught children are sent. @Black Shuck 97 has crafted a lump of coal so black and... coal-like, that your tears will burn if you find it in your stocking. We're not sure if that's legal.   Map15: Finishing up this megaWAD, @exoprogamer gives us a short and sweet map to cool you off after the burning fury of the past few maps. Feliz Navidad!   Merry Christmas you filthy animals! This event was an absolute pleasure to put together, and I am eternally grateful to those who have participated in this and past events. Stay tuned, for there are many more to come in 2021!   In fact, I’ve got something secret planned for our next Speedmapping Event in January:

Brandish ye Linedefs! Forsooth, ye haveth to prepare thouself to secrete thee spheres of souls and shoulder bags. Huzzah!

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