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Armageddon Your Terminated: SkeletronMK666's Terminator player class update

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the year is 20XX and skynet has developed new method of time travel going to
the future and past. Given that skynet is a cpu it would try to see future events
and calculate it's moves to win the battle against mankind. however the future
wasn't so bright for anyone. skynet's time machine opened a portal to
an alternate timeline where hell is unleashed upon the earth.
the demons destroy skynet and take it over. In skynet's weakned state john connor
reprograms a terminator to jump in the time portal to stop what's going on...
he chooses one his options are limited.


What is this mod? This is a terminator weapon replacment mod, that allows you to
play as 4 player classes!

classic Doomguy: progress complete

the t800 ENDOSKELETON: progress complete

the T600 Endoskeleton: work in progress

and the T1000: work in progress









a special thanks to Skelegant for artwork for some of the plasma rifles, you did an awesome job

and StroggVorbis, for the RPGclusterrocket scripting help!


this mod is compatable with GZdoom

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The mod is really interesting, and I really like the scoop you want to give to this Terminator-themed weapon pack, just that I would like to tell you that, for now, I found a small problem with what some weapons are, and their form a not very rare to make attacks, such as the shotgun that does not feel much like a laser weapon, or that does not have a power worthy of a weapon that requires shotgun shells, perhaps if some movement of the suitable weapon, or with a style similar to that of the character of "JPCP" in the Final Doomer mod with his shotgun that works with energy, it would make the weapon that uses the Endoskeleton even more interesting, as well as, another problem that I was able to find the mod, it is the way in which the ammunition left by the Hitscanners is collected, both from Shotgunner and Chaingunner, the Endoskeleton class has the defect that it spends it collecting spare ammunition that it does not need, making the ammunition The ion left behind by these enemies is severely affected in areas where there are no cartridge boxes or bullet packs, because the Endoskeleton collects that ammunition without using it later, wasting valuable ammunition that can be used later.

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im working on a method in witch there is a ammunition replacement for the ENDOSKELETON called "Plasma" or "Shell2", in still working on that. there is also a pesky problem with the t1000 armblade, it won't for the life of me bind to the 1 key. It's still a work in progress. thanks for trying out my wad and the feedback :D

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