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Why does SLADE do this with textures and is there a way I can get it to stop?

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I like to have a lot of tabs open in SLADE, often for the purposes of comparing the ways different texture packs go about representing similar things (see the bzillion variations on SUPPORT3 out there, for example). Problem is, SLADE has some . . . shall we say, bizarre behavior when it comes to displaying textures when multiple files are open. Namely, it likes to inherit patches from other files that happen to be open at the time, regardless of whether or not the file I'm working on is supposed to rely on that other file for any of its resources. Now, I understand how this could be useful in certain situations (having OTEX open in one tab and another project that relies on OTEX in another tab, for example), but more often than not this is really annoying and, worse, frequently I won't notice what it's doing and I'll assume a texture looks one way when it really looks another way because SLADE is showing me a bizarro-world version of what my texture would theoretically look like if it drew from a completely different set of patches.


Is there a way to configure this behavior? To tell SLADE: hey, this project is supposed to inherit resources from X, Y, and Z.wad and ONLY those files? Can I get it to stop doing this altogether, and only inherit patches from the specified base resource file (and why is this not the default behavior . . . grumble grumble)?

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SLADE works kind of like a port -- every open resource is added to the resource manager. You open Doom II and Freedoom; Freedoom overrides Doom II. Solution: don't open Freedoom.

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