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Updates to NUTS4.wad

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Hello, it's me Late Night Person. I am writing regarding the absolutely broken state of NUTS4.wad, the fan-made 4th entry in the... well, Nuts series! This was mainly due to me rushing the wad out the door and not properly bug testing it, and only now since I found a little bit of time, I can finally bugtest this absolute waste of time meme wad. Maybe I can also add some cool new shit to the map? Heh heh heh... 


Original Post: 



Videos About NUTS4:


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So you made a topic just to say that you have a little time now to bugtest a wad you made? Why not wait until it's done?


Besides that, it seems like NUTS4 was meant to be a joke considering it seems to be totally unplayable. Why rehash the same joke?


Why waste your time and thread space by making a post just to say you might be bugtesting a wad that you yourself called a "waste of time meme wad" that came out seven months ago?


Couldn't you have just updated your original thread?

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