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Master O

DOSBox Staging 0.76 Has Been Released!

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DOSBox Staging 0.76 Has Been Released:





List of Features in DOSBox Staging 0.76:


01) Gravis UltraSound emulation improvements
02) Add new built-in GLSL shaders
03) Add Built-in MIDI support via FluidSynth
04) Add integer scaling (pixel-perfect) option for OpenGL output
05) Dynamic recompilation for PowerPC and POWER8 (ppc64le)
06) Quick-edit and find your configuration file
07) Add LS command
08) Rapid DC-offset correction for the emulated PC speaker
09) Audio pop and click prevention
10) Splash screen and help banner verbosity control
11) Revise help messages for mount and imgmount commands
12) Improve Telnet-mode handling for Modem emulation
13) Fix setting file timestamp
14) Case-insensitive paths handling
15) Revise default keyboard shortcuts
16) Monochrome palette colour setting
17) The raw mouse input setting
18) 10-axis controller support
19) Log memory base address



Full description of features can also be found here:




Additional Relevant Links:







I imagine people here will be especially happy to see both Fluidsynth Support and Raw Mouse Input, since official Dosbox does not have either feature.


Also, please leave feedback about 0.76 in the #dosbox-staging section of the Discord channel if possible.

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