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Jakub Majewski

My WIP Heretic map crashes in vanilla. I want to fix it.

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In the spawning area, if you move or turn around too much, Chocolate Heretic will crash without an explanation. The area seems properly constructed and there aren't enough sectors to cause a visplane overflow. I have no clue what is causing the problem. As one can see, I replaced all textures, removed all action specials and changed/removed the actors. Is anyone able to determine why is this happening? Is Chocolate Heretic more buggy than DOS Heretic?


Map is WIP, so please excuse the texturing and the music. In case you're wondering, I am trying to do something like Punisher, Go 2 It and Go 4 It, and those are vanilla compatible, so I want to make it so as well.


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There seem to be some specific areas in the map that cause the program to crash, but I tried it with Crispy Heretic and it does the same thing, so it's probably not one of Heretic's static engine limits like the visplane limit you mentioned. I really don't know what's up with this, but hopefully some of the source ports' coders like @fabian could help figure out what's going on here.

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I can't see your map right now, but here's two tips that may help you:

  • make sure if you aren't using a multi-patched texture as a mid-texture (when it's double sided):
    - You can see if a texture use more than one patch on Slade (by going on TEXTURE1 or 2). Textures with switches are a good exemple of that.
    - Don't worry about mid-textures on walls, these are not a problem. You should look for linedefs that are double-sided, like when you use it for transparent vines or metal bars. 
  • also make sure if there isn't any linedef\sector...
    - bleeding on each other
    - not properly closed
    - tagged as double-sided incorrectly
    (you know, the kind of stuff that would just render your map wrong on most ports)

To find the issue, keep focused on the area where the game crashes. If it's a mid-texture problem, the game will crash exactly when you look at it (the same rule applies to Doom, which also have the same issue). Still, since Willy W said that also happens on Crispy Heretic, mid-textures may not the problem. Even so it's good to keep an eye on that just in case.

I think I found the problem. I didn't tested though, so it can be another thing:





Edited by Noiser

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Noiser was right, the problem was indeed the middle textures with multiple patches. Never knew this was a thing, but I do know vanilla has its quirks, such as textures in size that isn't the power of 2 appearing warped.


Fixed, thanks.

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So, tedious Medusa again? Sure, that should be fixed some day in Crispy Heretic.


On 12/4/2020 at 11:23 PM, KUBA18i said:

Is Chocolate Heretic more buggy than DOS Heretic?


Allow me, Sir, to claim that your map - more specifically your texture composition - is what's buggy here, not the engine. ;)

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