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Skybox order changed with DEHACKED?

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Okay, bit of a weird one - Last year I made a belated birthday present WAD to DOOM (Birthday Bash, old thread here) and due to using a mix of Doom 1 and 2 textures, I couldn't upload it to Doomworld, and instead uploaded a Mediafire link

But after a bit of a break, I decided I'd fix a few things in the WAD that had been found since it's Mediafire release, remove the Doom1 textures and try again for an official upload to Doomworld for Doom's birthday this year, using DOOM 2 as the Iwad and directing the player to load either Doom.wad (Doom1) or this pwad to fill in the missing textures.

Doom.wad becomes the WAD that dictates the Skybox, which is fine, but I'm hoping to essentially swap E1 and E2's skybox. Is there a dehacked script that can change the order? I know you can use MAPINFO to do this, but as I understand it that only works for more advanced ports, it would be ideal to keep it in a dehacked file to be more applicable (please correct me if I'm wrong on this)

OR is there are better way to do this altogether?

Thanks in advance!

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No need for dehacked. Just renaming the texture lumps.

IF you want to load em on Doom 2, name the sky you want for the first episode of Doom 2 as RSKY1

Then do the same for the second episode sky and name it RSKY2


Example, KneeDeep In The Dead's Sky on place of Doom2 City Sky = rename the original UD sky to RSKY2

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I tried that, but Doom 1 loaded as a pwad for the extra resources overrides any Sky textures I have in my pwad, at least using ZDL to load everything. So it goes back to the original order as in the original Doom

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just extract the textures you want from whatever IWAD, and use load them on your PWAD.

You are allowed to do that if the texture you use doesn't appear at all on the IWAD you use as a base for the PWAD to be use on.

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Okay, so I've tried what you described before, and I've had it another go and got this same result. Let me go into detail with my situation...

This is what I have the skybox textures in the WAD as:


And I load the game up in ZDL using this config:


and when I load up the first level, this is the skybox on the first level:


I want this to be SKY 2 from the first doom (see further below). When I take out the DOOM.wad for the ZDL external files list as a test, this is what happens:


No skybox at all!! but, when I revert back to SKY1, SK2, SKY 3 (no R prefix), and load without Doom.wad, everything works out:



Feel free to snoop around the WAD and see if anything's off, I just put it up on MediaFire:

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Your problem is that patches are not textures.


The skies used in the game are the sky textures. RSKY1 and friends are sky patches. In Doom II, SKY1 is made from RSKY1. So if you replace RSKY1, you also replace SKY1. In Ultimate Doom, SKY1 is made from SKY1 (same patch name as the texture name). If you load doom.wad as an extra file, the definition of SKY1 from Doom overrides the definition of SKY1 from Doom II and your RSKY swap gets overridden.


Solution: put a TEXTURE1 lump and define your skies in it.


However, note on this point that TEXTURE1/TEXTURE2/PNAMES are not cumulative in vanilla and in non-ZDoom ports. That means that when you load doom.wad as a resource file for Doom II, what happens is that Doom's texture set entirely replaces Doom II's (except in ZDoom ports). So your own TEXTURE1 lump will have to define all the textures you want to use, from both Dooms.

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Thanks Gez for the detailed reply! I've spent the last two days cracking away at this, bashing my head against the wall trying to figure it - I was sooooo close to coming back asking for more help until one final check AFTER i uploaded to mediafire, realised I had left the Skybox names "RSKY1' in the TEXTURE1 tab!!! looks to work on both GZdoom and Crispy doom! Thanks a bunch!

NoI just need to test that all the missing doom textures work - I haven't bothered defining other textures at this stage, though at a quick glance on Crispy doom they apprear to all be there....

Again, thanks a ton! Couldn't have got there without you :)

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Oh! Before I forget - is there a way to make the skybox of MAP30 SKY2 texture? this isn't super important, but would be cool :)

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1 hour ago, Milkman said:

Oh! Before I forget - is there a way to make the skybox of MAP30 SKY2 texture? this isn't super important, but would be cool :)

If you're using MAPINFO, you can use the sky param

A quote from the ZDoom Wiki:


Sky1 = "<texture>", [scrollspeed] - <texture> is the name of the texture to use for the sky. [scrollspeed] is the rate at which the sky moves left or right (useful for clouds on windy maps). To keep the sky from moving, use a value of 0.0 or omit this parameter; to move it left, use a positive value; and to move it right, use a negative value. This is the number of steps that the sky moves each tic.

Not sure what kind of source port it's meant for, but if it's a ZDoom-Derrived one, that's a plausable option.

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For vanilla compatibility, there's no real choice: the sky for MAP30 will be the same as the sky for MAP21-29.


With MBF-compatibility level, you can use the sky transfer options: put some line somewhere with your desired sky as the front upper texture, give the line effect type 272, give it the tag of your outside sectors (they hae to be tagged) and it'll show this sky instead of the normal one.


An interesting thing about this solution is that vanilla will just ignore unknown line types, so the map will still be perfectly playable -- just without the intended sky.

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