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The DooM III Alpha & Leaked Video (watch out, spoiler alert)

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This conversation is taken from the leaked video where the scientist goes to the room and starts doing his nerd things and speaks to someone. This soundfile can be found from \doom3\Doom_III\base\sound\nin\intro\intro_5_1.C.wav

the scientist:
"ok it's all set, i've done as you asked, but i'm worried that the stabilitation (or something) field will be...

the voice:

What's this all about?

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This is old, but anyway, I think the scientist has made some kind of an agreement with a Demon. Ofcourse, all of that goes horrifically wrong and hell unleashes it's forces inside the UAC military base. Yay!

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The PC Gamer US article talked about Doom III's storyline, which is basically about some evil scientist guy called Betruger (Deceiver in German) opening up a portal to hell. So I think either the science guy in the alpha is Betruger, or he's talking to Betruger.

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