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{DIVBXXXC-HXII}: A 3 map mini wad for DOOM1 (also, soon it will be updated with more maps ^-^)

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Here is my first ever made map pack wad for DOOM1 

it contains 3 levels and i wanted to make it something between slaughtermaps and just some playable maps

tested on ZDOOM


oh! also it have a mini boss fight at the end


here are some screenshots:

enjoy and have a wonderful day!!
















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1 minute ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

Awesome level of detail in those screenshots!

thank youu so much <3 <3


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In deed VERY detailed and evil-ish. Love your design. Can we expect a full episode? Also could you add coop player starts and check the maps for coop traps please? 

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22 minutes ago, saski said:

In deed VERY detailed and evil-ish. Love your design. Can we expect a full episode? Also could you add coop player starts and check the maps for coop traps please? 

hi, Thank u for soo positive feedback, i will update the map with coop player starts and also check for the traps asap!

also, my plan originally was to make a full episode, so i think i will update wad with more maps as soon as they will be finished enough.

Thank you again and have a great day ^-^


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I have tried it, and the truth... the Wad is quite strange for me, and it was not as fun as I expected, since, there were some things that, in a certain way, were a certain annoyance for me in what I was playing At each level, there was always something that made him uncomfortable, that made things not very entertaining and that later ended up being frustrating, among them, such as the lag that occurs in certain parts when you want to play, the other would be Health, which there are shortages of it on the maps, and the third, the way in which the fighting in closed areas should be solved, the worst of all, I really don't know whether to say that the Hitscanners were a great idea, I'm not saying that I want enemies resistant, it's just that... the enemies you are trying to fight are not really suitable for a fight introduction that first starts out in a closed area, because it is almost impossible to fight the Hitscanners in the center of the cathedral area, then s When fighting in open spaces, which occurs after killing all that plague of weak enemies, including the Imps, and the Cyberdemon at the end of the zone, I don't really know what to say about this, but I can assure you that the end, either It is the best that we say, with so much Lost Soul and without many first-aid kits, it was something that did not give much pleasure to be dealing with, in addition to that this map suffers from certain texture errors found in parts of the map.


The next level does not improve much the experience of what has already been seen before, rather it gets worse in some aspects, such as the way strong enemies or Hitscanners appear in corridors with walls that rise, that go down or when using a transporter , and the inclusion of the Spider MasterMind is not as great as I had imagined the first time I saw it, both inside and outside the first room accessible to the interior of the structure, plus it is filled with various textural errors in the different zones.


And the last level well... needless to say, it simply sins from what happened with the previous maps on health, because of the ammunition, that is never missing, but unfortunately, it is more in a free area than in a closed area to want to find a place where you can have cover with the attacks launched by the Barons and Cacos in the distance, not to mention the Lost Souls that are flying around there, and certain closed areas such as the room of meat and human guts, is not necessarily what I would be asking for, again being an open area, and with so much enemy that, not even using the BFG is enough to be able to avoid the attacks of several enemies at the same time, not to mention the annoying Pinkys who run towards the Marine, serving as an obstacle for the shots of the BFG or any weapon in general, with the Mini-Boss battle, I suppose that only that area would be the only salvageable from the third level, since the rest was not very enjoyable as I expected in a start. I know it was a lot of text for this, but I really had to say it one way or another that this is not fun with certain defects that are involved, hopefully the following maps that you do achieve a little more performance in the substance that is It gives the enemies for combat that in the same appearance that is only wanted to be shown when the player enters the Wad to play.

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