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El Inferno

All my maps are here

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Up-to-date list of all my published maps in more or less chronological order. Unless otherwise specified, all maps are boom compatible. All maps are designed for pistol starts. Some even have difficulty settings.


--- Cave Maps (2019)


Map 1 - Entrycave

Map 2 - Undercaves

Map 31 - Plutobase (gzdoom)

Map 32 - Beginning (gzdoom)


--- Advent (2020) - thread


Map 1 - Advent

Map 2 - Circle of the Tyrants


--- Hyperload (2020) - thread


Map 1 - Hyperload


--- Dance on the Water (2021-?) - thread, WIP


Map 1 - Dance on the Water

Map 2 - Caves and Embers

Map 3 - Yet Another Red Nightmare



--- April Ethereal (2021) - speedmaps. Maps 2-5, 30 are for Half-Moon CP, Map 6 is for Tenth Gear CP


Map 1 - Storage Refinery (thread)
Map 2 - Marble Dreams
Map 3 - Red Nightmare
Map 4 - untitled
Map 5 - Normal Map, Okay?
Map 6 - Nothing to no One
Map 30 - Latrodectus Geometricus






Edited by El Inferno

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Bump. I turned this dead thread into a place where I put links to all my published maps. 

I'll be updating the list whenever new stuff appears.

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Congrat. for making one post compilling all your stuff :) i'll give them all a try 

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