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haruko haruhara

my doom archive of skulltag old zdoom mods.

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well i just wanted to share what i made on google drive its a list of mods i even have included some zandronum mods and some gzdoom mods but not many of them mostly skulltag and old zdoom but pretty much a doom archive in case if you been looking


for a mod in there for years but have not found until now but most of the stuff might have came from bestever site which is a index of wads site like tspg and some of them might have been added from moddb but i only added them to the archive in case if they delete them from the site so its also in the description of my videos but there is 2 the 2nd one is still not full but i will include it anyway here.



doom archive 1

doom archive 2

still want to add more to it in the 2nd one.


also before somebody says something, most of these mods are not on the internet only a few i might have found these somewhere but not everyone is going to look where i looked so yeah.

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1 hour ago, wes97 said:

I love doom archives like this.  Thanks much!

Man oh man this is old right here I have alot more than what you saw in this archive I'm currently making a new one made with my bitbucket repo and it's going on my neocites website if you would like to see it I can send it to you in this thread or message here in doomworld :)

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I just spent the last couple hours slowly combing through those drives you linked; I love wad archives!  That link would be awesome, can PM if you want; that's up to you! I really should do something like this, I have quite a few wads (like almost every doom CD, for example).

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Great job, Haruko. This is exactly the kind of stuff that benefits from being archived. It's always good to have backups of files that are relatively obscure, because eventually they will become lost otherwise. I don't have any use for it personally, but I commend you for archiving this niche content. Eventually this will be useful to someone, they might be looking for some specific thing they can't find anywhere else before stumbling across this thread.

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