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Collaboration? Doom 2 Map Bulk / Unfinished

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I used to be really invested in making maps for Doom 2, Death Match stuff specifically


But in 2015 I actually got to a point where I wanted to pursue art (music)


Now I have a lot of stuff I never had the opportunity to finish, as well as a 16 extremely small / moderately large maps I made in 2019 as a challenge for myself.


Now I actually want to see if I could work alongside someone who could possibly flush these ideas out a bit to make them more linear, while I work on finishing up sketches I made a while back.


My plan is to establish a base for the ideas, I'm awful at perfecting things, and have someone who could possibly just work with me to create some cohesive project


I have more than hundred maps as well, from my old projects, spanning a few years, from like 2013 - 2015, even a lot of stuff I never even shared with my friends or the forums 


I'm not asking anyone to finish my projects, I'm just trying to offer my creative energy to someone who knows what they are doing, if that's fine...


Thanks so much for reading, I'd really appreciate constructive feedback, doubts and optimism are valuable


(Also my maps are extremely minimal, and creative liberties are 100% understandable and I don't consider it compromise to see my maps edited)


Here are some of my 2019 maps;



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