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New Wad

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Hey guys, try out my new wad. 6 Deathmatch maps.

Best with the latest ZDoom beta (33), but works great with ZDaemon.

If you use ZDoom 1.22, you need to use "-nomusic" because of a problem with impulse tracker music.


Hope you like it. I can't upload it to /newstuff, because half the maps are based on id software maps.

Say hi to me in #zdaemon.

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Just a little suggestion. Get rid of those silly pictures and graphics and change the name of the wadfile, and more people will take it seriously. Otherwise, a lot of people won't bother downloading it, thus missing out on some fairly decent maps (even the modified Doom maps).

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Those maps are pretty good. The name....gives me a woody. :)
I looked for the pictures/graphics Ichor mentioned and couldn't find anything inappropriate. They are tasteful and used sparingly. Guess tastes will differ!

I'm gonna' do everything I can to keep you from punishing us in this thing at the next LAN, especially "Killswitch" and "Blitz-Extreme".

Nice work, Traci.

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traci_lords said:


Well, I'll try and DL it at work tomorrow, but with a name like that, I suspect the filters might kick in and disallow it.

Personally I've never understood why people get so excited about teenage cats. I mean, by the time a moggy is 13 years old, it's usually a pretty old beast getting ready to shuffle off the mortal coil.

And I can only imagine the reason that they are often described as hot is because they spend so much time lounging around in front of the fire. Or maybe some of them get locked out over night even in bad weather. That would explain why they are sometimes described as dripping wet. Right?


Confused of Scotland.

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I've been getting a lot of compliments over the map designs, something I'm proud of hehe. The maps are meant to be played with no jumping, mouselook is fine though.

Playtesting went very well with lots of people. I was planning this to be my final wad, but a couple people asked me to make more.

Oh, and about the textures... they were all my Counter-strike logos from when I played CS. Nothing obscene really. If you can't take this, then primetime network television must give you a heart attack.
"Oh no! Cheerleaders on Monday Night Football! What is this world coming to?"

By the way... my zdaemon server is up occassionally running htp, dwango6, or heretic. Server name is "Pom Poms and Short Skirts."

Don't forget to say hi to me on #zdaemon :).

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No, they aren't obscene, but with a filename like that, those people with dirty minds will spend most of their time staring at the pictures while someone just waltzes by and chops off their arms with a chainsaw.

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Hmmmm...Downloaded it, had a run at it with some bots, and well, I think the designs and themes and the music is great, however the name bothers me but hey, its not my decision, but the pics in it arent very bad, and there are few, so those dont bother me. Great job!

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* myk gets

Oh, by the way, GGs earlier on Raider's dwango5, traci_lords.

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