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2019 DSDA backup available

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Various people have inquired about features that differed between Andy's site and the new site, e.g. FDAs, wad versioning, player profiles, demopack landing pages.


If this is you, then you may be interested in a final snapshot of doomedsda.us now on Internet Archive:


This updates fraggle's copy of years ago, and should be more complete including the maps and ports -- basically everything except active objects like the news menu. It can be downloaded and browsed offline. Individual zips can be deeplinked.


Thanks to @fraggle for the submission tips. Thanks to @Quasar for the disclaimer idea (never dreamed I would have reason to use it!). Thanks to @Xymph for encouraging me to shove this out the door. :> Thanks of course to @Andy Olivera, @Opulent, and all the runners and fact-checkers for creating something so worthy of preservation.


No thanks to Internet Archive for the HTML bloat (seems strange when worldwide accessibility is a goal). One script exchanged data with Google which seemed to trigger every security warning I'd ever enabled. It took longer to log in once and confirm my email than to scrape and upload.


Hope it's useful!

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Hey thanks, this is great! We were thinking about doing something like this, so that takes a lot of weight off our shoulders 😉


I'll put up a link to this from new dsda as well.

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