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Switching from Chainsaw to fist

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In the manual(In my case,the .pdf manual that came with the Doom collection)it says that you can switch from Chainsaw to Fist after the chainsaw is picked up.You also can do the same thing with the Double-barreled shotgun and the normal shotgun,which works.But when I try to do the same with the Chainsaw fist thing,it doesn't work.Is it a problem with my computer(Which I doubt),or is the manual wrong counting the fact that most game manuals have at least one wrong claim in it.I'm just curious,it's not like it's gonna get to me.

P.S.,it's not possible to play Doom/Doom 2/Final Doom deathmatches with a Cable modem right?

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Once you have the chainsaw, the game thinks it'd be better than the fist, so you usually can't change back. If you have berserk, though, you can switch back and forth. Most ports allow you to change to fist regardless of whether you have berserk or not.

And for multiplayer games, use a LAN or a source port. Doom 95 has LAN support if I recall correctly. And you have to use a port if you want to play a game over the Internet. Use ZDaemon, or maybe Legacy.

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Doom_Child said:

Well if you get a black health pack (i dont know what there called) you can swich back to the fist in that level.

The black health box is called Berserk. =) It increases your punching power dramatically and also makes your health 100% if it's lower. I never use Berserk unless I'm fighting Demons, but the boost to 100% is almost as good as a Soul Sphere, so I avoid them unless I need them, going for regular Medkits or Stimpacks instead.

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Ultimate DooMer said:

I think ZDoom lets you use the fist if you press '1' twice without a berserk.

Yes, it does.

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Afaik, it depends of the version of the game. I'm quite sure that it worked in my old version of Doom 2.
At any rate, you should try and download a source port, because they usually allow you to switch from chainsaw to non-berserker-powered fist.

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