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Doom GBA Nightmare in 14:31. The first sub 15 for skill 4 on a licensed port!

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I'm back again, with broken port on the Nintendo handheld. This time, I've got a spicy run to share with you folks.

14:31 Nightmare (Skill 4)
(True nightmare was removed, this is actually the UV difficulty. Just renamed nightmare).



 Just 2 days shy of a year since my previous PB in this category, which was also the first console time to push ahead of the current Classic PC versions WR. A slew of new discoveries and slight routing changes finally made a time like this obtainable with RNG being just right. This is now the first skill 4 speedrun under 15 minutes, for any licensed version! Just one day after Doom's 27th anniversary!


Notable improvements:

-Returning into levels from out of bounds has been figured out 100%. Provided explanation in the clip below;



-E1M7 returning into the level near the exit is 100% consistent with the new set up found a few months ago.

-Grabing the health orb in E1M8 has proven more successful runs past E2M1, and was added to the route. 

-E2M1 Switch press through the wall was discovered in the mid point of 2020 on multiple ports, saves any trouble with the cacodemon.

E2M2,M3,M4 health parameters met the same as any%, saving over 20 seconds in these 3 levels.

-E2M8 Switch press to end the level saves having to take an extra rocket damage to get out of bounds.

-The BFG in the second level of E3 is picked up to save time later in Limbo.

Really proud of this run, took a year because I dropped the category for months at a time to focus on any%. The previous record stood at (15:03).

This was played on a real Nintendo Game Cube, using Game Boy Interface for the GBA player.

It looks like I can get 13:5X... a goal for next year. Hope you guys enjoy the glitch fest. :)

Edited by Alexo : Video link

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