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Imp [gameplay mod | v1.0 12/12/2020 | final version]

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Goddamm you whipped that up fast. I'm glad the Arch-Imp still resurrects things and the Impenant still has homing fireballs. And honestly, the first time a Lost-Imp flew at me it really caught me off guard.


And yes, after turning infighting on, the fight between the Cyber-Imp and Spider Master-Imp in Gotcha! was just about the most boring thing I've ever seen in Doom. 


Edit: And just for the record, summoning a bunch of Pain Impamentals is pretty damn funny. I hope this doesn't get lost in the shuffle before next years Cacowards. 

Edited by Jello

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Wow, is this really how low the standard for gameplay mods has sunk? Wow, I'm disappointed. Wow, this actually uses the name of an existing object in the game too, so that's even more points off, wow. Wow, no DeHacked compatibility? Wow. 10/10 I will never not use this mod from here on out.


In all seriousness, I freaking love how the imps have their health and size scaled depending on which enemy they replace.. The little zombie replacement imps (that inexplicably drop clips/shotguns) are goddamn adorable. I had a kinda-sorta-maybe similar idea to replace every enemy with Zombie variants, but it was going to be less funny and cute than this! Still, it inspires me to maybe finish that one up.. and take some notes from how you executed this one!

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I don't understand, I downloaded this mod and now all of the monsters are imp. What happened? Is there something wrong I'm doing? 


(awesome mod to have a few laughs btw ^^)

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