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Cant' find playable deathmatch-servers

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Hello all


I'm new to playing Doom online. Last time I played a deathmatch was with Doom'95. So I've been running Zandronum and have been able to find active servers, but with very strange gameplay rules. Some sort of Survival, I get that, but it's alot of strange new quirks and items. And then dying and waiting for 10min plus isn't so fun. And dying is common when entirley new to the mode and maps, right?


All I wanted was deathmatch, but these are either empty, or full, or password protected, or with very high ping,


Is there any other way than the list in the launcher to find great and working deathmatches?

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Have you checked out the multiplayer tutorial video? Using Doom Explorer allows you to not just browse Zandronum, but ZDaemon and Odamex as well, increasing your chances of finding classic style deathmatch. The [Doomshack.org] cluster that's run by Mr Crispy and I is present on all 3 ports and features some very classic style DM. You can join those and warm up on a bot til a real human joins (at least on the ZD and Zand servers, Oda doesn't have bots)

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I see mostly survival, coop and other running all the Time with players.

Try on weekends to get in a Deathmatch Server and just wait, somebody will join :)


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I also recommend the Odamex discord for classic gameplay. We have a bot you can subscribe to for Deathmatch, 1vs1, Co-op, and Capture the Flag. Anyone can utilize the bot to notify members that a game is starting / you are looking for a game. Also the community is small and nice. https://odamex.net 

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