DOWNLOAD IT HERE -->   Doom 2 - probably needs GZDOOM as it does use mapinfo and for the first time ever has ONE decorate lump in it cause of a custom decoration - Merry Clipmas!    This map might take you an hour to play bro!  ....maybe longer    Jumping & crouching disabled. Free look optional. Dynamic lights look cool.        More legendary artwork by Arqueto ^^^   Video:   
  Screen shots:     Whew just in time for my Birthday! 2 maps for the price of 1!    Wow guys this is my most epic map ever, I wanted to create a map with unique progression and have some fun doing silly things and boy did it get out of hand lol.    Monster count: UV - 577
HMP - 399
ITYTD/HNTR - 226   I actually didn't mean to pack this many monsters in, my previous record was 300 but this map was hungry   ALL DIFFICULTIES SUPPORTED!!    Guess what, this map has 25 secrets! TWENTY-FIVE! Get it? 25? Cause Clipmas. Dec 25 huh how about that   PS dynamic lighting looks swank doesn't it?   Don't forget to stick around after that first map:   Map 01 - "There and Back Again" ~~ a map where you go there, and go back again ... a few times. Constantly changing environments and wacky happenings. EPIC times, huge and full of monsters and things to explore - have fun! A mysterious being has set loose a horde of monsters in this one, who  could have done this? Fight their leader in map 2!   Map 02 - "Clipmas Tree Lot" ~~ Whew! Map one was epic, now you can relax in map 2, you can beat it in a minute if you play your cards right and find that secret eh. Just a fun little holiday map.    Silly Sounds: (a silly optional extra you can get if you want, like bonus material on a DVD ... remember DVDs) So I recorded a custom track for when a low tier monster dies, just playing around. My wife got interested and when sleep deprived recorded about 8 more. If you want to experience this wacky addon then stick this in your stocking and play it with the other wad!! --> /// just having fun with this extra file - not actually needed to play. This could be amusing for a few minutes before annoyance ensues    So there it is I hope you like it! All feedback / videos welcome!   There is a lot here and with vigorous testing I hope there's no soft locks or progression breaks, let me know if you find things for me to fix!   Have fun :)   DOWNLOAD IT HERE -->