ok this project has changed a lot since i last showcased my last update to it, now i have added lots of new enemies (around 80),textures,weapons (including necrocomicon, freeze wand, nail gun, saw thrower ext) and lots of special items for your inventory that add new elements to gameplay such as summonin creatures, putting down traps ext, i wanted to make this a game give the player options within stragedy that goes deeper then vanillia doom.

this update is long overdue after i lost my computer, and many weeks of work,luckily i retreieved what i backedup and rebuilt from their since i got a new computer, and its been a blessing in disguise considering how this wad is developing

this features levels 1 to 19 and 31,32
there is 4 new levels (16-19) and all the old levels have been reworked to some degree, will continue yo tweek untill perfect.

their are also friendliest within the game to make the universe seem like not everyone is against you, friends will be found in your journey.   This was tested with gzdoom, is designed for continous play, all the assest have been taken from realm 667   Jump, crouch and look is allowed.

here is the link.