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labyrinth of the aku december update

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ok this project has changed a lot since i last showcased my last update to it, now i have added lots of new enemies (around 80),textures,weapons (including necrocomicon, freeze wand, nail gun, saw thrower ext) and lots of special items for your inventory that add new elements to gameplay such as summonin creatures, putting down traps ext, i wanted to make this a game give the player options within stragedy that goes deeper then vanillia doom.

this update is long overdue after i lost my computer, and many weeks of work,luckily i retreieved what i backedup and rebuilt from their since i got a new computer, and its been a blessing in disguise considering how this wad is developing

this features levels 1 to 19 and 31,32
there is 4 new levels (16-19) and all the old levels have been reworked to some degree, will continue yo tweek untill perfect.

their are also friendliest within the game to make the universe seem like not everyone is against you, friends will be found in your journey.


This was tested with gzdoom, is designed for continous play, all the assest have been taken from realm 667


Jump, crouch and look is allowed.

here is the link.




pyrimid level.jpg

Edited by Aku : More info

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6 hours ago, Vorpal said:

hey welcome back, hope you didn't lose everything

  Thank you, i lost the the entire level 20 unfortently, it was a big forest level, but when i remake it i plan to do a few things diffrent , i will update this post in the future whenever i add levels as to not lose such progress again.

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Looks like an interesting wad judging from the screenshots, but-- 70mb ? Have you tried to remove unused sources using Slade or something to reduce the size ?

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On 12/15/2020 at 5:48 PM, DimLight said:

Looks like an interesting wad judging from the screenshots, but-- 70mb ? Have you tried to remove unused sources using Slade or something to reduce the size ?

Have not of yet done that, but i have added a lot of elements which if not already used will be used in the upcomming levels im planning,  thou i have thought of a few things i could do without, so things will be removed in later versions, but i also plan to put a lot more into it aswell, more new items and more new monsters, which to me helps paint a more extensive universe to explore.


Plus it has over 80 new ememies within it, the ambition was always goin to result in a large file


Edited by Aku : Clearer

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If anyone can give me some feedback on this wad, constructive criticism would be highly appreciated, im working on levels 20,21 and 22 at the moment, the themes being forest ,fallout and bizarr space city. Heres some images i just took from my phone for them, the next update im aiming to get out by january



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On loading there are a ton of errors in the log, did not notice any negative effects though.


I went in blind to map16, just for the sake of testing your latest work. The wad is unplayable with infinitely tall actors (standard vanilla behavior), which is fine I can turn that off. But I wonder if there are other gameplay options are necessary.


Comments on map16:

Difficulty seemed extreme, although this is my first taste of the wad, so anything I might have learned about the mechanics and rules and whatnot in earlier maps, probably made this arbitrarily difficult for me. That said, I still found it fun, as I was testing a lot of things out and learning and being subjected to this mad man's alternate reality. Visually map16 isn't amazing but it accomplishes the feeling of an unpleasant not-human realm, danger, and isolation. The layout is good with opportunities for backtracking and useful connections that link important areas together. All of the (seemingly) friendly actors seem stuck in their rooms (due to AI? due to key door not being flagged as stay-open?)


comments on the gameplay mod in general:

revenent skull rocket launcher feels horrible with the delay before firing. imo any gun should perform its action instantly up front, and any delay should occur after the firing

medkits as inventory items feels horrible to me, I do love Hexen but I love Doom more, so health pickups going to inventory feels alien to me and hinders my survivability

summoner orb seems to only work if perfectly thrown away from any geometry/actors/scenery


Anyway, looking forward to testing 17-20, this wad is bonkers



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Thanks for playing, the loading errors will be gone in the next update(figured out the problem since), as well as a lot of edits to make gameplay a bit smoother.


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map17 comments:

I do enjoy city maps, and this one was unique. Plenty of people have made ruined cities but I dont think I've seen anyone go for a "converted city" theme. Teleport-doors were jarring at first but it was a common 90's workaround for simulating room-over-room, and 90's wads (and 90's style wads) hold a special place in my heart. Overall fun map, rewards exploration a lot (although at the same time the stingy health hinders exploration, more on that below), allows the player to get lost but also gives each area a memorable aesthetic so the player isn't TOO lost.


Rocket enemies were unfun

Extreme difficulty again, even though playing continuous now with previous map's kit. I'm still suffering from a major learning curve but still some difficulty comments pertain to the map. The initial horde being right in front of the spawn sortof hems the player in to a tiny play area, personally I think it would be more fun if the horde was at the fringes and the player was encouraged to roam a bit more. If a hemmed-in semi-slaughter at start was your goal though, leave it, it's just my cup of tea would have been more of a city streets roaming invasion.

Second, health was a maaaaajor problem, iirc there were only 2 health caches... it took me ~15 save/loads before I found the hospital at the opposite end of the map, I wouldn't mind this swapping places with a building closer to spawn (and an interior even with like triple the medkits). 

There were several apartment buildings with lifts that annoyed me (switch-repeatable on one side, walkover-repeatable on the other side... the walkover is what kept giving me issues).

I did waste a ton of time trying to remember where the skull-key-doors were. I blame myself but, it would have helped if the visual impact was something more substantial or more prominent. So when the player first walks by it leaves a bigger impression. Not super important but would be a nice flourish.


general mod gameplay comments:

A lot of custom weapons seem to have strange projectile behavior, like they don't go quite where expected. Either the projectiles are too big, or their origin is too low or something..

Too many weapons! Doom2 putting two weapons on the same number was a gameplay sin that should be avoided at all costs

Enemies with rockets are unfun. A cyberdemon gets a pass because he's loud, big, obvious. But cyber-barons and cyber-imps and whatnot having rockets just feels awful when getting instagibbed from across the map from something you couldn't have seen nor heard.


the vore texture made me cringe

"We store your crap" gave me a genuine lol (pretty much the last building I entered though)



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I was feeling guilty seing you run around with 1% health, i will definetlly add some more health packs in the building rooms in the next update

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map18 comments:

best of the bunch so far both in terms of gameplay and visuals. Generous supplies (still a tad stingy on health but I damned myself by not grabbing the invuln). I was legitimately creeped out in the maze, being low health and in these tight and quiet corridors, occasionally hearing the buzzing of a flying enemy... knowing that walls are going to lower and cut me off, or open and release something etc... I dug it. I come from the wolfenstein school where bullshit mazes and being lost are fun, so while my playthrough is going to be awful to watch, I was enjoying myself trying to figure out the madness.


map issues:

inconsistencies in teleporter behavior (some momentum, some standard)

as much trouble as hitscan-earthquake-guy gave me, some hallways should probably have their ceilings raised so he can be more menacing, because he's too tall to fit right now

one hall-of-mirror at the red key lowering wall

the klesks or whatever they are called got a bit tiresome in the outdoor area, I would recommend reducing their number by 25-50%, and then beefing up the amount of ground-level melee enemies, but thats just a personal taste thing

really hated the Dark Forces swimming blob things here, I think they'd be much better if only used for creep-factor very rarely


continued mod comments:

the grenade launcher bounce failed me miserably at its one purpose haha, should probably stop after 2-3 bounces



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Oh looks like i forgot to put the lava floor demage on, sorry about that.

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map19 comments:

the areas around spawn and yellow key felt weak, but the rest of the map was strong; enjoyed the disorienting "ice tunnels" that had their own tekwall maze via teleports, and the cyberdemon area was excellent. Actually I was disappointed that MORE didn't happen in the cyberdemon area, it's a simple but great little arena setup... when some guys/projectiles triggered the teleporter I got all excited thinking now an invasion was going to occur, before I realized they had only teleported out not in.


issues: Most of my playthrough is searching for a teleporter, not sure if I'm just dumb but maybe some more breadcrumbs to lead me where I was supposed to go. Still struggling with the volume of items/weapons, it detracts from gameplay heavily. Managed to break the "bone elevator" at 33:00. Various blue summon spheres were unobtainable. When I finally found an area where I needed light, flares proved useless, only granting a tiny radius of light. The mega-Korax boss was neat but trivialized since he can't pursue the player, personally I'd widen the gaps so the player isn't immune behind that big yellow wall, maybe even spawn an army in the dark hall to pressure the player from both sides if you are feeling mean. Oh and his screen shake was horrendous, highly recommend that be nuked.


Anyhoo take all my comments with a grain of salt, these are mostly my personal preferences and I'm not demanding changes. Some ofc you may deem bugs like the lava not hurting (oh fuck haha, my survival hinged on that). I dont really have the time to deep dive into the rest of the maps right now but I am looking forward to further updates you put out



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