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[GZDoom] Snap the Sentinel (v1.2) ~ Short new IWAD for 7DFPS

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Looks cool! From the screenshot it looks like the player character has a bit of a Rayman thing going on...

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Yet another patch, v1.2, this one is much smaller. Adds drop shadows under lots of objects, and several bug-fixes. Buuut the real reason for this patch was to lock off Hard Mode until you beat the game, because, after watching several first impressions, I don't think it's obvious enough that it's a remixed campaign that assumes familiarity with Normal, rather than Ultra-Violence-style "more monsters". Ah well. :p

Full changelog: https://tehrealsalt.itch.io/snap-the-sentinel/devlog/208753/v12-release

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Looks really cool, but is there/could there be a slider to adjust the flashing effect for when you fire a weapon? It's kinda hard on my eyes.

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